What Happens When Business Startup is acquired by a Big Name Brand

What Happens When Business Startup is acquired by a Big Name Brand


A Big Name Brand, is an important criteria for an online business organization to survive in a highly competitive market. To capture potential clients/customers  a lot of resources are needed. Organizations’ little startup lacking in most factors of business activities when noticed by Big Name Brand companies. Your organizations’ goal seems within the reach. If The company proves to be worthy and has a lot of potential it might be acquired by Big Brand companies to extract the full potential of little startup company.

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Jeff Seibert Experiance

Jeff Seibert former senior product director for Twitter got two of his little startups acquired by larger brands. He hopes to give people some insight on what Big Brands perspectives are? When they are acquiring startups? What leads to a person starting a startup?

Start by Building Tools to Help People

A startup should be an idea which solves a problem or provide solutions to people who need it regarding anything. Jeff Seibert’s startup was called Increo and came up with a product called feedbackr. Through this product individuals could share documents and files to other people to get feedbacks and opinions about their files. His product featuring on TechCrunch, made him get his hopes high . It was popular with freelancers. But his company remained a mere startup.

Back to the Drawing Board

After failing to acquire finance to keep his company a float through giving interviews around Silicon Valley. Jeff Seibert took back to the drawing board to check for more opportunities and look at their core products. Jeff Seibert and his team came with an idea to partner with other companies to allow their documents convert to various other formats and power their own platform.

Not a Partnership – An Acquisition

When getting ready a startup should make pros and cons of what companies they are considering and what might happen to their company after they have partnered with their company. In case of an app developing company they need to look at whether the company they are partnering with has the adequate technology and expertise to be working with us in app developing or technology related products.

Another question arises when partnering with a company is that whether that company’s culture resembles the culture of your company, will that company be willing to incorporate our culture to theirs.

The company should set future goals first. Partnering companies must be in sync to make decisions.

The partnering company must have growth in comparison to the growth of the product. Product of the businesses should be scalable, quantifiable as to how much the product might sell in the future.

Making Up for Lost Technology

Company who has acquired another company should keep in mind that innovation never stops and there are competitors who are looking at every opportunity to stomp on your business. Company who acquires should not just focus on things they have they should focus on the future and what else is out there as well.

Ideas in Sync

Jeff Seibert’s second produced the second product when a problem hit his expectations.He had while working on a project. Crashlytics detected whereabouts of the crashes, what made crashes occur and saved it to the server. The programmers and developers loved that product.

Happy Tweets

Crashlytics became a hit and one its biggest customer was twitter. Twitter wanted to acquire Crashlytics but Jeff Seibert didn’t want to leave Crashlytics neither he wanted to sell it. But after listening to the proposal of Twitter their vision of the product had an uncanny resemblance with Crashlytics with which Jeff Seibert could not resist. Even then they had a strategic alliance not an acquisition.





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