Video Marketing Tips & YouTube SEO Checklist for 2018

Video Marketing Tips & YouTube SEO Checklist for 2018

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the most successful SEO hack 2017. Youtube SEO Checklist  AMP hit the all mobile SEO campaigns with significant markups. It is expected that 2018 will be the year of  “Video Marketing & YouTube optimization”. The concept of Video marketing is not new but it is constantly neglected by CMO and business marketers. According to rough estimates, it is expected that in 2018 more video content will be consumed as compared to previous years.


Youtube SEO Checklist


Dallas SEO Consultant recommends focussing on video marketing via YouTube as it is the most visiting platform instead of affiliate advertisement.
Important Hack

“Effective & relevant Videos attract more potential customers”

In this article, we explore the benefits of YouTube and how we can run a successful SEO campaign via YouTube hosting.


5 SEO Advantages of YouTube

Let’s discuss the optimum benefits of YouTube search

Significant Boost in Brand Search

As mentioned in the important hack, videos are the best way to Build Brand and for video broadcasting, youtube SEO checklist YouTube is the best platform ever. The reason is simple, it attracts the attention of most visitors. YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine in the US thus, running a brand awareness campaign on YouTube will be enough to generate maximum leads.

Boost in Referral Traffic

Videos hosting on YouTube and Social media grab a greater volume of referral traffic. 1.5 billion YouTube users watch millions of videos each day. YouTube is the best platform for the significant Video Marketing campaign

Flexible Google Ranking

Google rank YouTube videos easily in top search results. Google does easier ranking only for informational videos, for instance, you simply search for “Operating System”  learning tutorials you will grab the full lecture series in top results.

Diversified Content-Range

SEO experts have been utilizing content diversification for as a successful SEO strategy for many years. Google identifies those brands which have diversified content line and rank them on top. Let’s consider the previous example, if your Blog post mention “Operating System Learning tutorials” and you have quality video series for above-mentioned keywords, then Google will rank your video link in the top search results.

Excessive Shares

Sharing rate of text-based content is far below, then Video-based content. YouTube is flexible engineered as it allows to share videos on social media via Email or massaging youtube SEO checklist. YouTube also allows embedding videos on different websites. It is a great hack to trap more traffic and links to boost authority.

5 Effective YouTube Hacks For 2018

Some SEO hacks and tactics are evergreens. These tactics provide the benefits over the years. Here, we discuss some important traditional YouTube SEO hacks which are expected to be more significant in 2018.

Sales Pages Videos

Sales Page’s video simply covers the overview of your business product/services. Capture the product/service page of your website and briefly provide the introduction and use.

Local Videos

Running a local business generates more leads when it captures the local target market. Google rank local business on top if they cover the maximum potential market. Local business owners take advantage by hitting the local places in videos.

E-Commerce Videos

An effective and call to action E-commerce YouTube SEO checklist video provide significant leverage to sales lead and boosts conversion rate as well.

Resource Videos

Create “How to” Videos and guide user about the product/service utilization. How to videos are really significant for increasing customers and leads

Blog Video

Text blogging is really common and important tactic in the history of SEO. Video blogging is expected to be the most popular trend in 2018.

Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming videos are more engaging thus, they help in boosting organic ranking and generate high conversion rate.


2018 Handy YouTube SEO Checklist

  • Make sure that target keywords are the part of your video file list
  • Capture relevant target keywords in your videos as well
  • Place relevant keywords in your video description
  • Embed your video on sites/blogs of similar niche
  • Engage your users on social media as well
  • Add relevant videos to YouTube channel frequently



Positive Insights about YouTube SEO


Dallas SEO Consultants encourage the deployment of the above-mentioned SEO checklist. YouTube ranking algorithms are far different from Googles thus, user reaction to YouTube video matters a lot.

Here, we discuss the important insights help in optimizing the YouTube SEO Campaign

  • Capture unique views for best results
  • Viewers growth rate leaves positive impact
  • Data depicts the drop off rate, this leads to the lower the rank
  • Total number of subscriptions increase the number of views

Video Marketing and YouTube SEO are the future of online Business owners in 2018.Advancement in mobile technology increasing the trend of video marketing as it is generating the most optimized results.


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