The top five Conversion Killers and how to fix them

The top five Conversion Killers and how to fix them


During Website development, minimizing the occurrence of Conversion Killers is the an important art to implement.

It is not just about building the site, SEO and making the site informative and attractive.

Profitable Sales is the most important goal for every web based business.

Without optimal sales it is all useless for a firm to have a website.

Getting potential customers to actual buyers is tougher than all of this as nearly 70 percent of the shoppers’ online leave the site during the purchase process rather than completing the buying process.

This happens due to some flaws made by the business which are labeled as Conversion Killers.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company provides services to eradicate these problems faced by the business.

Devdigs,Dallas SEO consultants recommend firms stay away from the following Conversion killers or how to fix them.


Unimpressive calls to action

Calls to action are specified actions prompting visitors to take.

Calls to action are essential to convert visitors into buyers. Some websites do not have appropriate or uninspired calls to action which do not prompt visitors to take.

This leads to potential customers switching the site.

Uninspired calls to action do not include incentives for potential buyers or do not provide details for potential customers to have while buying on your site.

This could be rectified or fixed through detailing and expressing the calls to action on your site.

Making calls to action more impressive and attractive may enhance your conversion.


Too many calls to action

Too many calls to action such as too many buttons to click on the site simultaneously, or too many requirements required from a customer may offset the customer from actually buying the product.

This overwhelms customers making the main purpose of your page insignificant.

To fix this minimize the calls of action for a specific purpose.

If your site consists more than one call of action which are necessary make sure to highlight the most important call of action.

While constructing call to actions keep your main goal in the mind and construct accordingly so the website should reflect on the goal of your business.

Slow Website

Slow load time of your website may offset potential customers switching to another website or even your competitor’s website.

People tend to leave the site if they don’t find what they are looking for fast making you lose customers.

To fix this website should display efficiency and speed.

The optimization of visuals should not make the site slower.

Always listen to your customers’ complaints.


Intrusive Videos/Music

Videos and music on the site are used for promotional purposes, but playing them automatically without the consent of the customer makes them leave the site.

Sometimes what these videos and music do is that it blocks the content your customer wants to access which makes the customer switch the site.

To fix this customers should be empowered by choosing to hear the music and see the video or any other promotional content the site wishes the customer to check.

If you wish to play the background music and video give an option to customers to mute or remove them.


Excessive Advertisements

Advertising is an essential for businesses to attract customers.

As technology and digital era has surged digital advertising has also been given a boost.

But sometimes it proves to be really overwhelming to consumers reducing conversion rates of your website.

Excessive ads, kills the experience the customers expect from your website.

To fix this historical impact of your ads should be evaluated for any negative feedbacks or impacts created by the ads.

This helps you identify the negative ways the ads have been displayed on your site.

Ads on your site should be displayed with discretion.


Fixing these conversion killers

Creating the site is only the beginning but the real task starts with conversion of potential customers into buyers.

If your site suffers from conversion your site should be evaluated for these and more problems lurking on your site.

Conversion optimization takes time and requires a lot of resources.


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