What is Tiered link building and should we use it?

What is Tiered link building and should we use it?

Struggling to secure a high rank in search results? Trying to boost the site traffic?  The solution to this problem is simple to try Tiered Link building. It really works. Before deploying this tactic, it is important to know what actually Tiered link building is. It sounds quite difficult to implement. In fact, a tired building is simple and successful traffic boosting tactic. Instead of using backlinking of low authority sites go for guest posting for the same niche and link it to your site. Where is the backlink appearing in this entire story? Mention the website in the first tier. In second tier the backlink is set in order to strengthen the first tier. Struggle to build up single powerful backlink instead of various useless backlinks.

Dallas SEO Consultants worked out on several tiered tactics for strong SEO. Let’s explore the important one.

What isn’t Tiered link building?

Struggle to search authoritative websites and then get rejected because the content is not good enough. The old trick may be useful: buy the expired domains. Produce content over those domains and strengthen the first tier of a website. It sounds easy but it is a black hat technique. For securing top rankings in search results the website should have high-quality content of similar niche in order to capture the authoritative sites.

Way to Get Started

Few key points you should know before starting Tier Link Building. Dallas SEO Consultants recommend the following healthy tips for successful Tier Link Building.

High-quality Content Is Prior

Writing is a built-in part. Not everyone is a writer may be but it is not necessary that a writer must be a blogger too.Post the content that pitches the relevant niche otherwise, you will lose the chance to survive among your competitors.



Guest-posting for Link building

Compose worth reading content. Follow the niche do not fill the empty pages. Not only struggle for backlinks. Try to provide the solution to readers in a blog post. Google algorithms are smart enough to identify the dump posts.

SEO Toolbox

Before capturing the authoritative websites check out the few important details like:

  • Domain
  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Backlinking
  • Keywords
  • Rank

Some websites are near to their expiry. Make sure you are posting on the fresh authoritative website.

How to Find Websites interested in Your Content?

Google trend is the best platform to discover the relevant niche for the first tier. Another option is to pick the relevant keyword and select the first website raking against that keyword. The first tier should be most powerful. It should have the authority and ranked at least 30. Another way to Tier building is to replace the broken links with working links. Create infographics and link first tier with it.

How the compose the perfect pitch

Set good quality writing skills for Tiered link Building. Check Emails on a daily basis as you are dealing with influencers. To keep the attention of influencer left the Email subject empty this attempt makes influencer curious about mail. Once you capture the attention of influencer start writing the pitch. Don’t brag just show the proven record of shares, likes and current traffic.



The tiered building is simply guesting posting. Make sure that you’re using white hat technique for securing a top rank in Google search results.


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