Tactics to Secure Maximum Online Reviews

Tactics to Secure Maximum Online Reviews


Are you running a business with positive Online Reviews?

If you have just kick start the business then it is not possible to get tons of five starts Online Reviews.

Although, for long run survival in the market you need to work on grabbing maximum positive reviews.

Good word of mouth about products or services matters a lot. People usually buy products recommended by friends or family.

The five rating stars on your website exactly work according to above said scenario.

These five starts actually measure your good will among competitors.

It is observed that around 97% people read Online Reviews before buying the product.

Being a startup you should pay attention on quality reviews

In this article Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants highlighted the useful points to move on in the right direction.

Let’s explore the essential tactics that help startups in getting maximum possible reviews

Just ask for a Review

May be it sounds awkward to ask visitors for reviews?

It is just like you ask your friend for a favor.

You don’t reflect the reaction of your friend, you just say it out

In the same fashion you can ask for reviews from your visitors.

Reviews can be obtained by simply throwing Email to customer’s inbox and humbly as for Email.

By sending a direct Email or sharing a reference link makes customer convenient to write feedback.

There are various tools for securing feedbacks.

One of the most famous tools is BirdEye, it helps customer in submitting reviews.

Visitors/Customers simply get an Email asking how their experience was.

A link below the Email simply redirects the person to review submission.

Quick Hack: “Redirect your customer to most important reviewing pages”

 Don’t Freak-out when you get a dreadful review

It is possible that you may hit by negative reviews.

It’s a common experience in business world.

If you ever hit by bad review, don’t get upset!

Simply ignore them and move on.

If you think it is better to respond then be polite and humble. Always show positive attitude against negative reviews.

Most of the business owners would see that and straight away go to respond section, tell them what they did wrong, and then leave no reply.

Stay cool while dealing with reviews and avoid harsh comments.

Optimize Social Proofs on Website

A trend is observed that various sites are placing customer testimonials on home page.

It is a healthy practice.

An increasing trend of social proof is also advancing with great pace.

It is an alternative of review sites.

Keep your statements short to satisfy customers for maximum conversion rate

It is suggested that finding a way to take some of your reviews and online testimonials throughout your website to help perk up your conversion consequences and prompt further reviews.

 Offer Incentives to employees

You need reviews badly!

There is an option to exchange incentives for reviews.

Although, it is not a good idea, but still it is functional.

This tactic ensures that the reviews you get will be positive.

Positive reviews ultimately boost the conversion rates.

Many employees take self-importance in their work but don’t always ask for a positive review.

Train your team to ask, particularly after a good practice, can give your business and employees precious feedback.

Offer a prize or special perquisite to the employee with the most reviews and then watch the results.

You might also observe that you can buy five-star reviews from sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

It sounds like a good idea.







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