E-Commerce Testing and inventions lead to quick and stable wins

E-Commerce Testing and inventions lead to quick and stable wins


E-Commerce Testing is becoming crucial to manage E-Commerce business.

There are wide varieties of E-Commerce store across the world!

The most popular example is Amazon!

Amazon is one of the largest E-Commerce business as well as retail business in the world.

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos’s view point is that invention regardless of having a lot of risks do pay a lot in return if successful.

Failure is important for a business for successful invention.

Jeff Bezos compares baseball with business by stating that maximum score in baseball per hitter is four points. Whereas, if the business is successful in invention the business could score 1000 points.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company provides consulting and CRO programs to run a platform that enforces businesses for successful inventions, research and development.

Through structured in house Conversion rate optimization (CRO) program

E-Commerce Testing could be created which grows with the growth of the organization.

Learning From Failure

Planning and testing comes  with every step when searching for the structuring of CRO program.

But, many businesses feel that testing comes at the end.

That is not true!

Thus, they do not plan effectively for testing.

The prior purpose of planning for a business is revenue maximization.

The purpose of CRO is to make companies more profitable through sales and cost cutting. It helps in increasing purchasers from the visitors.

Research is essential for businesses to build tests

 For running the test planning is required.

Mistakes make your company grow as you learn from those mistakes.

But, integrating those lessons learned from the mistakes is a primary task for a CRO program.

Testing your research and what you have implemented on your website enables your business to learn more and make assumptions on facts rather than wild guesses.

Experimentation lets you evaluate your success and failure in real time. Rather than waiting for a month.

By creating a map for testing lets you repeat and follow the same structure. CRO testing lets your business grow if your businesses main goal is to grow.


Why testing program is important?

If you are having one hypothesis to test at a time it is better to skip this part as it will be time consuming.

For one test at a time, testing plan and program will be the same. It will just waste your time, so better to skip it.

It is suggested to spend one month on each test to have valid and reliable results.

To have the best results, a test should run for a week or two.

Websites who are able to achieve extraordinary conversion rates still needs to do it to eradicate any outside influence.

Running multiple tests can impact the validity and reliability of the results. Various tests should run simultaneously rather than testing one by one. Sometimes this is not possible as tests tend to conflict with each other invalidating results.

The Concept of testing velocity comes in handy when optimizing conversion. This concept tells you about how many tests could be conducted in a given time period.

Doing everything right will lead you to greater revenue generated as efficiency increases.


Dynamically determining testing programs

The Traffic volume is considered as a test determining the program

Traffic volume: determines what various types of tests you can run and what kinds of pages attract the most traffic.

Tests with high expectations need lower traffic volume to reach the statistical significance.

This means tests which have high expectations associated with it need fewer observations to test the result.

If more than one test is running consecutively their dependency between each tests the ability to execute experiments enhances.

The basic principle is to test out particular pages with maximum number of visitors.

This means valid test cannot be conducted if your reader is stuck on the main page or any other page, excluding other pages he/she has not read. This issue could be prevented using multivariate tests.

Testing all the hypothesis and running an experiment is really hard work and requires multiple people to do so. For an experiment to exist, creating mockup, based on mockup creating a design, coding the design and doing a run before the test goes live is required.

Controlling outside influences

Experiments do not run in a vacuum!

In the real world outside factors such as holidays and economic factors must be taken into account when running tests and experiments.

The Plan should be framed considering these outside factors to get a more valid result.

Benefits of a testing plan

A test plan lets you repeat your tests and provides a structure on which you base your tests.

A structured test plan encourages you to set a positive feedback loop.

A structured test plan also leads to positive feedbacks on the results you get.

Plain and simple testing plan leads to better conversion optimization and a more persuasive report.

A testing plan allows you to track your progress and plan future activities.

Structuring test plan

First, figure out the traffic you need for the tests.

Effort needs for an experiment before an experiment goes live.

Next is evaluating interdependency of tests, whether there are any clashes are not.

 Finally determining how many tests your current staff can run and how effective will they be running those tests.

To evaluate this hypothesis list should be checked to see which test needs the amount of staff needed to run effectively. Information required for a test plan includes:

  • Why this hypothesis is being tested?
  • How much sample size is taken?
  • What effects will this test inflict?
  • Who will be in the sample?
  • Where will it be conducted?
  • When will it take place?
  • What changes will take place after the test?
  • How to measure the result of the test?

Assigning testing tasks and how to prioritize them

After creating and structuring the plan comes running the plan through a process.

The first tests run by most of the businesses tend to be those with which the business has high expectations of increased yield and effects.

 For a successful experiment translating hypothetical solution accurately is must.

Finally the research and hypothesis should be checked for any technical issues that have occurred or could occur while testing and implementation.

Implementing an experimental culture in the organization

If an organization has a culture of slow and steady decision making, and do not believe in risk taking.

 Testing culture makes it more risk taking and faster to decision making because testing enables you to measure quantitatively reducing risk. Hypothesis creation is just as important as running the tests.

Hypothesis creation and research should be treated the same as testing itself.

It’s all about prioritizing and classifying the different hypothesis with the effort needed, effects and their importance.







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