Significant Trends in LinkedIn Publishing

Significant Trends in LinkedIn Publishing


Discovering innovative publishing trends in social communities like LinkedIn Publishing is significant for content marketing

A research is conducted to study the recent publishing trends in LinkedIn.

The research is based on around 228,000 posts published on LinkedIn and 136,000 additional articles on different sites.

It is important for content marketers to know the current trends of publishing to give a significant boom to marketing tactics.

In this article Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants draw an estimated trend sketch relevant to recent research.


Cheat Sheet Version of Research

  • The figure of long-form posts published on LinkedIn has fully-fledged noticeably since all users were given publishing admittance in 2014. 80,000 articles were published in 2015; 130,000 in 2016; and if early gauges hold, 2017 will see 377,000 articles
  • The number of content shares published on LinkedIn nearly doubled from 2015 to 2016 and going from 31 million to almost 73 million
  • In 2016, LinkedIn exceeded Facebook and Twitter for social shares of B2B content in many divisions, even when that content isn’t published at LinkedIn. This made LinkedIn the primary social discovery truck for topics like Leadership, AI, and SEO Marketing
  • Most people publish short articles of less than 1000 words on LinkedIn
  • But, the most shared content is 1000-3000 words long. This generates a noteworthy break to give the LinkedIn audience the type of posts they favor
  • How-to posts were the most shared on LinkedIn
  • Small list posts are also heavily shared
  • Content published at LinkedIn gets few backlinks
  • You don’t have to be formally elected as an influencer to succeed on LinkedIn
  • The Five P’s of Publishing on LinkedIn recap the features of the most successful content.

Try creating content that is:

  1. Practical
  2. Professional
  3. Personal
  4. Portray a path for change
  5. Point toward peak experiences


The trend of LinkedIn Publishing should be under the consideration of content marketers thus, it is important for content marketers to analyze the progression across different social platforms.







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