The significance of Visual Communication in Marketing

The significance of Visual Communication in Marketing


In 2018 people are more inclined towards Visual Communication.

Instagram Stories are popular.

We yearn for videos and short films

We are more engaged with visual content rather than text.

According to Forbes 91% people on this planet spend tons of hours on Youtube.

This shows that buyers are more interested in visual content and they expect from marketers to market their products through images or videos.

Forbes also declared that nearly 80% content on internet will contain videos by 2020.

That’s an astonishing percentage, depicts that Visual Communication will lead in future and win the battle.

But why it is getting so vital?

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants have explored the significant points of Visual Communication.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the unbelievable land of observable optics and how visuals play a massive and growing role in marketing.

Visual Communication is time saving

The term visual it explains that it saves time.

Further, visual helps in explaining the meaning more vividly

It is easier to grab information from a clearly defined image rather than reading long text-based paragraphs.

In fact, human brains process image 60,000 times faster than text.

Communication via visuals conveys your massage to customers in short time.

Visuals build impression

Non-verbal communication connects you with your customers more effectively.

Visual communication serves marketing in highly optimized way.

Graphs, Photos, facial expressions, all these factors are attention seekers.

 Opting visuals as marketing provides you the ability to inform, entertain and engage your customers more professionally.

It leaves an impression through its use of colors, textures, typography, data visualization and more.

Visuals Supports your massage

Do you have unique idea?

And you want to express it via strong interactive idea,

Visual Communication is the right way for idea expression.

For instance, you have recently set a pet shop, to promote your business you can capture the pictures of pets with different styles

Like the picture of cat wearing a hat.

That picture of cat ultimately convey the niche of your business,
Further, stylish photography of pets attract the maximum pet lovers.

Viewers not only trust your massage, in fact, show willingness to buy pets.

 Visuals Build Identity

Visuals keep customers intact with your product.

No doubt, words are necessary to describe product features, though visuals inbuilt the product’s look in your customer’s mind.

Consider a company like Apple,

The chunked apple logo builds the identity of Apple’s products.

Every single Apple user in this world knows product identity.

Visuals Influence Sentiments

A memorable click of family reunion on Easter

An image that shows Ozone depletion

A graph that shows the increasing trend of deforestation

All the above phrases are sentimental

Human nature is sensitive thus; emotional images encourage customers to buy.

All the above visual hacks provide significant assistance to marketers in product promotion.

Now let’s see how marketers can implement them.

Visuals in Web design

Web designs provides open platform to convey entire information about your site with the help of visuals.

A website should be attractive and engaging, both of these elements drive maximum traffic on your site.

Whether you’re building an E-commerce site, a personal blog, or a portfolio site, the theme option is yours

And if you give that theme and design meaning, it will create a blow on your viewer’s intuition.

Visual Content

Add maximum visual content on your website to increase visitor stay on your site.

Follow the simple hack:

Click and post!

Whatever the promotional news feed you get on social media; share it on your website.

Participate or organize relevant events, shoot the videos and post them on your official site.

Visual Advertisements

Advertise your product with proper visuals that convey the functionality of product/service you are offering to your customers.

For Example:


The above image is self-explanatory

It is clearly defining that what kind of services FedEx is offering.

Visuals in Email

Visuals in Emails are strong enough to bring maximum potential customers.

Design eye-catching Email template that remain in customer’s inbox for longer period.



Visual Typography  

Typography is an excellent design resource and art skill to use in marketing.

In typography if the word is explain the meaning then it is considered appealing and interesting.

For Example:


In the above example the word simile is also explaining its meaning.


Final Word

Visual communication is the most advanced technique for the marketer that facilitates product promotion and helps in capturing the maximum market.













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