How to Promote a Product – Reviews & Giveaways

How to Promote a Product - Reviews & Giveaways


Ways to Promote a Product have changed throughout the years.

Nowadays,  it’s not just about publishing an article to get a lot of traffic. Businesses need to be more creative.

For Example: providing giveaways and reviews to attract consumers will Promote a Product.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company provides a platform for businesses to easily post their giveaways.

Devdigs,Dallas SEO consultants provide advices as to where and what giveaways are required and reviews to attract consumers.

Giveaways in the past have generated a lot of leads for people and companies in a very short time.

There are some underrated marketing strategies which are the most powerful ones which includes product reviews and giveaways.

There are some proofs available for these marketing techniques.

Josh Earl set off a giveaway which fortunately attracted the customers leading to 200k leads in 11 days

Bryan Harris also tried Earl’s strategy and also set off a giveaway, he ended up having 2.2k email subscribers in just 10 days.


How to find outlook for future who do product reviews and giveaways

You can directly search from inside the platform and need built-in filters.

First, you need to go to prospecting,

Then find Leads,

Then Type keyword,

For example: “email marketing tool”, then click on the advanced filter icon. In the end you need to click all the filtered pages. You need to choose what kind of post you are composing for the article, in this scenario, product reviews. The search can also run without even using filters.


Finding prospects for giveaways

There are few steps for finding prospects for the giveaway.

First, the highly desirable giveaway should be selected to stimulate the interest of the target audience.

Secondly, picking a prize from a well-known company lets you associate their name with yourself.

The business can then sort out the list by number of followers.

The next step is to craft the copy for giveaways by looking at if the target audience is targeted and covered, while news of your giveaway attracts the consumers and users , will the winner be sharing our giveaway to other people to attract more consumers, and highest score product should be selected as the giveaway.

Product giveaway should be hyped by the company to be more effective.

Promoting giveaway is the key, the outreach program by looking at top influencers and bloggers who have promoted anything to the giveaway.


First the company needs to find influencers who can help promote the giveaways.

Keywords are used to find contents related to your giveaways.

People might think your giveaway might not be great which lowers the chance of influencers promoting it.

Other promotional opportunities could be made through prospecting about the bloggers who have written about our product in the past few months.

During this prospect page filter are applied to find the best matches.



Before the outreach starts the Emails must be integrated and sent to set up the outreach campaign.

Outreach scripts could be made through the preset templates in the various apps. When the scripts are ready, outreach campaign is set up and managed.

Final Word

These are some of the ideas and pointers a business could implement to promote their product and come up with their own ideas.



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