Motion User Interface

Motion User Interface

The motion or animation in the website in the new trend that lot of website designing and developing companies are following these days. The Motion User Interface (UI) is a Sass library and it widely finds use in the field of custom CSS. Moreover the web developers create a stunning website by using this technology.

Foundation Framework

The UI developers enable many attractive CSS transition and animations in the website to give it a more personalised effect. Also the Motion UI is wrapped up with Foundation Framework. The Foundation Framework is actually one of the most advanced frameworks in the field of web designing. The Foundation Framework carries the responsive feature which enriches its popularity among the web designers.


Motion UI was initially developed for Apps. This had later created a huge sensation in the web designing industry. The updated version of Motion UI comes with more dramatic and robust features of transition. It also introduces a new queue system and new patterns of CSS. It needs to be noted that the features of the Motion UI is compatible with animation libraries of JavaScript. In fact the transition effects on Motion UI are used in Orbit, Reveal and Toggler along with the different components of Foundation Framework. All the transitions are created by special Motion UI Sass classes.

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