Mobile Online Presence Is Friendly Or Not?

Mobile Online Presence Is Friendly Or Not?



Mobile Online Presence is a current trend to get in touch with various entities around the world.

Since 2005 Mobile Online Presence has outnumbered than those on the desktop. Due to this fact google has started to concentrate on experiments for a mobile friendly factor and algorithms.

This all depends on the impact online presence of mobile friendly sites have on the users


How customers use the mobile phone?

This also depends on the how the  businesses are portrayed on online websites used on mobile phones.

It is expected that these factors will likely increase in the future due to rapidly evolving environment. Devdigs,Dallas SEO consultants provide  businesses with digital marketing and enhances online presence for users accessing mobile friendly websites.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company provides  expertise services in maintaining relevance, possessing powerful online presence in the dynamic online market.

The company understands the rapidly evolving environment and understands the users’ intent.

Businesses that do not have an online presence on mobile friendly websites miss out on sales maximization and competition from competitors and consumers miss out on businesses from online searches.

Businesses must have mobile, responsive websites, mobile friendly blogs and mobile optimized email marketing for to show online presence .

Mobile devices replacing desktops

Although, the users on mobile devices are increasing there are some companies who focus their SEO’s and marketing efforts on desktops and ignore their mobile customers.

These companies don’t realize how many of their customers have switched to mobile phone.

People around the world try to find easily accessible and mobile ways to access and search for businesses and the solution is mobile phones rather than desktops.

Some people and businesses have a misconception that mobile websites are just smaller versions of the desktop sites of the same company

But, that is not true.

Companies do need to have a strategy!

Implemented and embraced for mobile phones to have a successful up and running mobile friendly website.

Mobile responsive websites allow users to navigate easily and businesses gain a higher SEO ranking than the companies operational on only desktop websites.


The problems associated with mobile friendly websites

Mobile websites encounter various problems.

Websites are not structured in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate and find every peculiar details in the site.

Mobile phones have a smaller screen and do not have the same power as desktops.

  • Due to the limited scope users scroll straight to the bottom to check where the site ends leaving information about the products
  • The second problem is that the content is not engaging enough for the users to stay on the site
  • Some pages are not set up for mobile functionality lacking the functions available on desktop websites which frustrates the users
  • Some sites lack cross platform compatibility. As some users prefer browsing on the mobile phones. On the other hand prefer buying the product on the desktops

Strategies for both mobile and desktop friendly websites

The company needs to understand how search engine’s result pages work. Search engines do not only look at keywords and links they also look at how consumers react.

The customer’s behavior and intent towards a particular website is the priority of any Search Engine. Search Engines determine the customer’s intention about product/service.

The intent of consumers while searching on mobile devices differ from that of searching on desktops. For Example on mobile devices users tend to find quick and easily accessible solutions to a problem.

Keywords used on desktops differ from keywords used to find a business used in mobile devices. This all depends on the search intent of the web users and the software such as text to speech.

People type differently than when they speak. Different languages and sentence structure makes searches on mobile websites different than those on desktop websites.

Search engines like Google have come up with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

AMP lets mobile websites to load quicker and search engines provide a special place for these sites in their search engines.

Mobile Friendly Content

The Company needs to understand this when developing a mobile website that the contents of the website should be mobile friendly.

This lets users to navigate the website more easily as large size images are ideal  for promotion purposes as well.

Companies need to separate the results and analysis of mobile websites from desktop websites for better implementation strategy.

For Example: Analysis such as conversion rates, traffic of consumers, and engagement of visitors on the mobile websites.

Companies optimizing the SEO’s for their desktop websites should focus on a more long term strategy.

Struggle to  switch to mobile devices as most of the consumers use mobile.

80% businesses are rapidly switching to mobile websites. Advancement of technology is also playing a key role for businesses to switch towards a mobile friendly websites.

For Example: Tablets and smart phones. Design strategy for mobile websites should be according to the behavior and preferences of current mobile consumers.

Bottom Line

To successfully implement online presence on mobile phones

Figure out how Search Engines Work?

Search Engines help in discovering the customer intention

Assist in gaining benefits from Search Engine’s accelerated mobile pages.



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