How to measure the success of SEO efforts

How to measure the success of SEO efforts

SEO efforts

Online-Business success and growth are impossible without SEO efforts. In order to measure the performance of a business evaluation of SEO is mandatory.SEO needs constant improvements. For winning digital competitive landscape quality SEO analysis on the website is the foremost step. Several metrics and benchmarks are needed to gauge the performance of SEO.

Let’s explore the factors and tactics require for SEO evaluation

The SEO-Measurement Struggle is Real

SEO monitoring and measurement is not an easy job. At Beginning the SEO persons usually bombarded with a huge amount of data for analysis. With tons of data, it is difficult to reach dry and cut edge.

Steps which simplify the SEO measurement include:

  • Prioritize the important information on organization’s website
  • Identify organization’s goals and strategies
  • Make data reportable to managers and clients
  • Use SEO-dashboards for data visibility

Google has evolved tons of factors that determine the ranking. This is another hurdle in SEO evaluation. Google does not reveal about all the components it has changed for ranking process. Some of the ranking methods are known in SEO industry. Some are kept mysterious. Google constantly changes its searching algorithms. It is the biggest challenge in SEO world. For quality SEO campaign experience and expertise is crucial.

Patience in SEO is Virtue

No doubt SEO is complex. Inexperience SEO practitioners usually get overwhelmed during early stages of SEO. It is important to measure SEO over time with patience. Search engines update their search results in months. Improvements in rank don’t happen instantaneously across all targeted keywords. Keenly monitor the Search Engine behavior over time.

Smart SEO practitioners perform following observations

  • Client’s Online performance
  • Ebb and flow of Competitor’s SEO
  • Measure time-consuming process

Key Performance Indicators for SEO success

SEO is about dealing with tons of data. This makes difficult to generate reports for clients and management. The solution to this problem is simple tie organization’s marketing objectives with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Let’s give a glance to six important SEO KPIs

Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking is the ranking of a website in Search results for a given search term. Measuring this KPI is important because it determines the company’s ability to build brand value. Lower keyword ranking is better. Ranking on one page is even better.  The first result on page one is the goal of every SEO campaign.


  • Keywords ranking strategy helps Company in determining organic web traffic on website
  • Keywords rank tracking provides optimized results
  • Keywords rank tracking helps in diagnosing problems at early stage


  • Google search results on mobile differ from computer
  • Results based on search location
  • Personalization o user’s past behavior

How to Measure

  • Instead of Google analytics use proper rank tracker
  • Rank tracker tracks the keyword at universal level as well as local level
  • Tracker analyze the performance of competitors

Best practice

  • Keyword ranking helps in determining the positive and negative results. Use Keyword ranking KPI with other metrics simultaneously.

Social Shares

Simply sharing website’s content on social media is categorized as social shares. It helps in SEO site check. It is a general perspective that Google does not consider social shares or social signals while ranking. Still, social shares are important for successful SEO efforts.



  • Social shares play vital role in SEO efforts
  • Social shares boost target market
  • It increases migration to organization’s site
  • It boosts organic search ranking
  • Social media profiles are indexed by search engines


  • Not all social media files are indexed by the search engine because of tons of Tweets and Facebook shares. Google does not index all profiles.

How to measure

  • Simply use Google analytics
  • Select Acquisition menu
  • Select All traffic
  • Select the channel
  • View of website sources of traffic sorted by channels
  • Use Yoast SEO for guideline

Best Practice

  • While monitoring Social Shares watch out inaccurate geographic or business information. Clean out mismatched contact numbers, E-mail addresses or websites. These factors could potentially lower down the rankings on search engine results.
  • Observe User posts and shares

Conversion rate from organic search traffic

Organic traffic determines the conversion rate. Conversion takes place when a website visitor is converted into a sale or a lead. A conversion rate is the number of visitors who have completed organization’s target.i.e. lead generation. It is important to consider the categories of lead. Lead can be a sale qualified, marketing qualified or simply a person who shows interest by submitting a form.


  • Inbound marketing generates organic traffic which is responsible for producing high conversion rates
  • Conversion rates are an effective KPI for robust SEO campaign



  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is best practice. While measuring this KPI SEO and CRO professionals usually get in conflict while working on the same project

How to measure

  • Google analytics provides significant help in measuring CRO

Best Practices

  • Set overall specific conversion goals
  • Track user journey from beginning to end
  • Google Analytics will help you to track your goals via Goal Completion option

Backlinking Volume

Backlinks help in measuring the website’s authority and popularity. Backlines basically originates from someone else website. Acquiring backlink are crucial SEO efforts. Google algorithms consider the backlinks volume in order to measure the importance of a website. Higher the number of relevant backlinks higher the Google rank will be.


  • Backlinking is a strong KPI
  • Backlinking boost the rank placement in search results
  • Backlinking is the important ranking factor in Google’s ranking list
  • Online relationships, blogging and guest posting encourage link-building


  • Backlinks need to relevant
  • Backlinks should come from the website that is backlinked too
  • Backlinks should have higher link juice

How to measure

  • Using Google Analytics from Acquisition menu company can measure the backlinks performance
  • Organization can observe the referral traffic




Best Practice

  • Monitor website’s backlinks consistently over time
  • Keep eye on new backlinks your organization is gaining per week
  • Compare your company’s link-building with competitor

Organic Click-through rate

Click through rate is very beneficial in organic search realm. Organic click through is an optimal KPI in order to measure the quality of your website.


  • It demonstrates the effect of search engine in listing down the attractive clicks


  • CTRs do not tell about the quality clicks
  • Not sure about the click boundaries they may be inbound or outbound
  • CTR affected by the devices used by visitors

How to measure

  • In the Google Search Console, select Search Traffic, and then Search Analytics. Next choose the options to display clicks, impressions, position. Organization can group all its websites keywords in Excel file

Best Practices

  • Organic click through should be measured with another analytics. It is beneficial to measure organic click through with organic CTR

The mountain is high but victory is sweet

Effective SEO efforts are difficult to drive. Accept the challenge and meet the victory. The keys to successful SEO measurement are patience, dedication, and ability to adapt the change.

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