How to Track your Local SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing

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The sound and robust tracking is the core component in Local SEO Service and Digital Marketing world.A well-organized tracking system enables you to answer all the queries related to your marketing campaign, it tells about your marketing success against your competitors. It visualizes your customer engagement, relevant to your products and services.

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Most of the digital marketing services focus on the high traffic, it is a good factor to consider, but not sufficient enough for high Business Growth. For Local Businesses traffic isn’t a meaningful metric or scale to measure the success,

AdWords and Facebook marketing help in boosting traffic only, in order to build a successful conversation platform, it is crucial to set a decent tracking technique on the Local Business domain.

Local SEO services spending time, money and energy on AdWord and the Facebook campaign may boost traffic, but these are just digital marketing campaigns, can’t measure the number of leads you get from each source. Make a strong tracking plan and measure leads properly.
Let’s explore the basic elements you need for flexible and robust tracking setup:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides the most robust web tracking setup. There are other alternatives for web analytic include Heap, Hotjar, and Facebook Pixels, but Google Analytics provides free of cost tracking set up, it is a powerful and an omnipresent tool for websites. Local SEO experts deploy web analytics as a ground for web tracking approach.
Once you set up the account for website analytics, the next step is to define well- organized goals. Goal setting is the core element require in generating the robust web leading. Goal conversions are essential, it represents your business. Small Business SEO companies should apply following tracking methods for goal conversion:
Contact form submission
Quote Request form submission
Cell phone calls
Text Messages
Sign-ups for Newsletters
E-Commerce buying

Create Goals in Analytics
Navigate to Admin panel
Select goals within an appropriate view
You can choose Goal Template or custom goal, custom goal selection is encouraged
Give an appropriate name to your goal and choose type accordingly. For Example Contact Form Submission, mostly the goals for Local businesses cover destination and event category
Pro Tip:

Analytics provides room to bind your goal conversions with a dollar value. If you tie your goals to their actual value, it will act as proper metric and efficiently evaluate the performance and success. The common formula to calculate goal conversion is to take the average value of sales and multiply it by the average closing rate of internet leads. Small Business SEO Services (monthly search 1k-10k) thus, goal analytics provides cost-effective tracking solution.
Form Tracking

The easiest way to track form fills is to have the form redirect to a “Thank You” page upon submission. It makes configuration easy, you can also avail Thank You page to recommend other services, articles, and blogs on the site and potentially keep the target user around. A dedicated Thank You page provides the best affirmation that the form submission actually went through.

Event tracking also fulfills the required purpose, with event tracking you can track the clicks on the buttons and links, submit buttons in case of web forms. The Local SEO experts, usually utilize form plugins like Gravity Forms and Contact form 7 use in WordPress based website.
Call Tracking
Form Tracking is a convenient and cost-effective tracking approach, Call tracking is also a significant approach, it makes your tracking evaluation easier and more robust.

The most effective technologies used in call tracking are CallRail, it emerged as the most crucial element in the digital marketing community over the past few years, it is easy to use, offer great support, cost-effective and integrated. Another option is Call Tracking Metrics.

The Call tracking platform also provides facility for integration with Google Analytics and offers a premium feature called “dynamic number insertion” used in the Best Local SEO Service

Dynamic number insertion utilizes JavaScript to identify your actual local phone number on your website and replace it with a tracking number when a user loads your web page.
Dynamic insertion is crucial in terms of local SEO since it allows you to keep your real, local number on your site, and maintain necessary NAP consistency for more significant evaluation results with the rest of your business’s citations. Assuming it’s implemented properly, Google will still see your real number when it crawls your site, but users will get a tracked number.
Number per Source

It is basically an approach, in which we generate the tracking numbers for required sources, include:
Organic Search Traffic
Paid Search traffic
Facebook referral traffic
Yelp referral traffic
Direct Traffic
Number pool
In this approach, you create a pool with several numbers collection usually 8+ with CallRail. Each potential visitor on your site is assigned a unique number, and if they call it, the conversion is attached to their session in Analytics, as well as their click in Adwords if applicable. Total genuine conversion no artificial sessions or disconnected conversions, and as long as you have sufficient numbers in your pool to cover your site’s traffic, you’ll capture all calls from your site, regardless of source.

Once you configured your call tracking platform, the next task is to implement some code in order to insert dynamic numbers. Most of the platforms provide you the code snippets and an installation guide. WordPress and CallRail have handy plugins, simply install, connect and run.
Google Search Console

Search Console is basically a webmaster tool and worked at the back in digital marketing measurement. If you miss it, you’ll forget to deploy fundamental technical SEO basic country setting, XML Sitemaps, robots.txt verification, crawl reports, etc. and you’ll miss out some main keywords essential for search engine analytics.
Google AdWords

AdWords provides significant leverage to get proper tracking in place. Local SEO Marketing (monthly search 1k-10k), so it is impossible to attain cost-effective clicks without really knowing what you get out of it. Converting data into Adwords is also absolutely critical in making informed optimizations to your campaign settings, ad text, keywords, and so on.
Linking with AdWords

Ensure that your AdWord and Analytic accounts are linked, enable auto-tagging on your account.
Important Conversions in AdWords
The main task in Analytics is conversions, AdWords efficiently perform conversion just you need to install the code.
Call Extensions and call Ads

AdWords, extension sets up the conversion automatically when you create a call.
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager acts as a container that you put all your code snippets in, and then you put a single GTM snippet on your site. Once installed, you never need to go back to your site’s code to make changes to your code snippets. You can efficiently manage them all from the GTM interface in a user-friendly, version-controlled environment.
UTM tracking URLs & Google Campaign URL Builder

The Small Business SEO Company can build tracking URLs that include UTM parameters include campaign, source, and medium so that when visitors come to your site from a certain place, you can describe the exact place position.
Once you know how to build these URLs, you don’t really need a tool, but Google’s Campaign URL builder makes quick enough work of it that it’s bound to earn a spot in your browser’s bookmarks bar.
Rank Tracker

Rank tracking is essential for local businesses, it diagnoses changes in traffic it is significant metric and plays a vital role in the performance evaluation.
Google My Business Insights
Google My business insights (GMB) plays a vital role in your local business infrastructure, it provides you details include impressions, likes, comments. It also provides the call listing details, it will tell you how many people click on your number but not actually made the call.


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