Link building:An Optimized Guide By Dallas SEO Consultants

Link building:An Optimized Guide By Dallas SEO Consultants


Link building Is the process of building a link or a “hyperlink” directed towards a particular website. This also helps users to navigate between different websites through links which direct users between sites. Links are created through a number of ways through which users and search engines know the page which is to be directed towards.

  • Start of link tag also called anchor tag.
  • Link referral locations is used by quotation marks which indicates the URL.
  • Visible text of link is formatted in a way which makes the word stands out by underlining or changing the color of the text to blue color.

DevDigs,Dallas SEO company provides advice to other companies regarding that company’s website, the management of the sites, SEO’s and link building of the company.

Basically optimizing the internet presence of that company. Dallas SEO consultants looks at the company’s optimization of search engine, strategy for building links by looking at the competitor’s presence online.

Dallas SEO consultants also provide link building  consultancy to different companies either outsource link building or gives these roles to an other company. Pitches are craft carefully with a long term success in mind. Bringing the quality of standards up to the standards of the consulting company.


Tactics and Strategies For Link Building

Company creates relevant links manually and themselves is not that easy they will have to do heavy prospecting and outreach which is time consuming and difficult.

Companies can use tools which is a faster way to build effective links. It is really important to implement and embark correct strategies for link building.

Understanding search engine’s criteria and providing with appropriate and unique ideas and content for their websites. Focus on relevance, a diversified link building strategy should be implemented rather than narrowing link creating tactics.

Making anchor texts natural in all the links build by the company and never use the same tactics and strategies used by the competitors as your strategy or tactic.

The fastest tactics among numerous tactics for link creation are broken link building, competitor link building, resource page link building, expert roundups and getting featured on interviews and podcasts.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building Is content focused link building, replacing broken links with appropriate and corrected links. It uses keywords regarding topics targeted.

Broken link creation is scale able and measurable. Prospecting for broken link is done by finding the posts with broken links which could be replaced by the company for the same complete link directing towards their website. Broken links are filtered, saved and then added to the list or a new link is created.

This will let you filter out any duplicate links on the internet. To check if the content it prospecting matches with the content of your company or link of your company’s website or products or not, software such as 404 are used and, not matching results or negative results are removed from the sheet.

After collecting the prospects they are redirected towards the webmaster who have broken links by outreaching. Broken link building outreach is set up by setting a template either pre-written or custom made.


Competitor Link Building

Competitor link building differentiates from broken links in a sense that it directly targets bloggers linked with the company’s competitors. Bloggers who write about the products of your competitors must be interested in your company as well due to the similarities.

For prospecting similar keywords and similar products are searched and put in the list. It follows the same procedures as broken link building. But differentiates itself as it searches. Prospects the products and companies with similar products and keywords as the company’s.

Expert Roundup Link building

Link roundup are the summaries of top links that websites share weekly or monthly. An expert roundup is a list which is sent to the influencers for advice. Input towards a particular topic and they are asked for a backlink as well. This is done to get the experts advice on a topic.

A number of 50 plus experts ask for a quotation. Most of their posts are publish in for example social media sites by sharing the link to the URL. It is useful as it is free and features a ton of influencers. There are various ways and tips as to how expert roundup is managed.

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