Increase Social Media Traffic through 5 Easy On-Site changes

Increase Social Media Traffic through 5 Easy On-Site changes

The major source of boosting on-site traffic is Social Media. Nowadays Social Media Traffic becomes an integral part of Marketing strategies. Dallas SEO Consultants suggest best plans for high Social Media traffic. Social Media Marketing is not limited to few businesses. Any kind of organization can run its successful marketing campaigns via Social Media. Dallas SEO Marketing Consultants always help businesses in promotion and brand building through Social Media traffic.

Let’s explore the 5 quick tips for boosting Social Media traffic.

  1. Publish the Relevant Content

“Content is the king” it is the famous quote. Composing a relevant content is most an important milestone for online business owners. Content length is also critical to Business Success. Dallas SEO Consultants advise shooting for the longer content. Compose comprehensive, coherent and readable content. Ensure that content is properly demonstrating the whole idea of business to a target audience. Set highly eye-catching content. Struggle to capture the attention of target audience with help of words.

Follow simple tactics for boosting the ratio of content sharing listed below.

Generate quality content instead of quantity

It is the common assumption that greater the content, greater the leads will be. But for greater leads quality of content matters a lot. The high quality of content boosts the leads. Quality-less quantity is insufficient to boost the leads. One high-quality piece of writing is far better than five poor articles.

Capture the attention of readers

Provide the content that readers really want to read. Perform analytics on web data in order to determine the reader’s trends. Identify most read articles. This will help you to compose the content that better aligns with audience interest.

Figure out the reader’s previous content sharing

Track the reader and try to discover clues from past sharing. Know what type of content they have shared in past. Struggle to write on the extension of those articles that readers like the most.

Relevant content automatically fills the gap.

  1. Use relevant visuals

Eye-catching, relevant and coherent visuals satisfy the content requirements properly. Posting images should be the first priority for online business success. According to the rough estimate of Twitter Media Blog add visuals or images to tweets boost retweets about 35%.

Visuals to posts only boost social shares, but it will also

  • Keep loyal readers on website
  • Generate Leads
  • Boost post engagements

Design high-quality visuals or images using top graphic designing tools like Canva and Pixels and build a quality blog. Dallas SEO Marketing Consultants encourage maximum visuals for a blog post.

  1. Install a good Social Sharing Plug-in

Make post easily shareable. Make it easy for a visitor to share the post on two clicks. Deploy user-friendly sharing plug-ins for readers. A visitor usually shares the content after giving a thorough read. Thus, place social media sharing buttons immediately below the content. There are many plug-ins available for social sharing like SumoMe and simple share button adders. Dallas SEO Consultants appreciate the easy sharing method.

  1. Minimize Posting Frequency

Posting a fresh content is a healthy practice. Search engines use to pick the fresh content for top ranking. Publish a blog on regular biases but try to minimize lots of similar posting on social media. Research shows that frequent posting does not generate leads and engagements. Dallas SEO Consultants prefer quality post instead of tremendous unnecessary posts.

  1. Consider Audience First

A simple way to capture the social media traffic is to focus on social media posts. But the problem is that how to grab the crowd to share post willingly. The healthy practice for post sharing is to simply ask the reader to share a post. Most of the people read interesting blog posts but forget to share. Remind them to share the post simply.

At the end of each post give a reminder to the reader by writing the simple piece of statement “if you enjoy this post, don’t forget to share.”


Compose Emails and target relevant influencers and ask them to share the post. Ensure that Email is short, direct and worth sharing. On Social Media ask followers to share your post.

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