How to hire the right SEO Agency

How to hire the right SEO Agency

An estimated measure of traffic boost via organic search is 50% to51%. It is expected that the rate of investment on SEO will be increased up to $79 billion in 2020 annually. To capitalize the charm of opportunities most of the Brands partner with SEO agencies. A question arises there for brands which SEO agency is the best?

Most of the brands run outsourced SEO campaigns. An outsourced investment helps in drilling up the valuable skills and company insights. However, still, it is a difficult task to decide which SEO agency serves your brand in the best manner.Dallas SEO Agency provides the best Outsourced SEO services and also advice how to pick the best suitable firm for Business brands.

Here we’ll discuss the key points that how to hit the right agency at the right time!


It is quite a common scenario that companies search for best suitable SEO agencies in order to avail the opportunities at a wide spectrum. Most of the Brands found lots of similar SEO agencies promising same benefits and advantages like reinventing the agency model.

Unfortunately most of the SEO firms just brag but, in reality, they don’t even a good back up. Brands should beware of such Dallas  SEO Agency. Hiring a wrong SEO agency cost you badly. So it is better to assign your work to a well-defined agency having years of experience in SEO consultancy and services.

Before assigning SEO activities, define them first. Decide what your company actually wants to achieve via SEO. It will help you to extract out the initial list of SEO companies. Most of them will be a specialist and thus, your company can precede the communication with them.

SEO boosts brand awareness, improve customer retention and drive more revenue. Defining these goals help your company in partnering with the right SEO agency.


Dallas SEO Agency recommends considering the following measures first before partnering with SEO firm:




SEO agencies can charge from hundreds of dollars to six-digits monthly. Calculate your company’s’ budget before signing the deal.

Services That Company Requires:

It includes the typical technical SEO services like content production, link building, and rank improvement.

Agency Culture:

Is the culture of agency aligns with your company’s brand?


This measure is for both SEO as a discipline and company as a specific business.

Agency Size

It depends on the requirements of the Brand.


Ask colleagues and build contacts in SEO industry for capturing the best suitable agency.

The Pitch Process

It is helpful to make a discovery call with each agency on your initially extracted list in order to interpret the services and culture of that particular SEO firm. This step will help you in decision making that which companies you would like to invite to pitch your business.

After considering all the decision criteria pick a score sheet and divide its copy among all the Brand’s stakeholders. Ensure the concrete milestones and reference points during pitching process in order to organize all the parties. Pitching for new business expects lots of input from an agency team. Make your plan transparent and organize it accordingly.

Few questions company should remember to ask:

  • How would you define good backlinking techniques for our Brand?
  • How does Google ranking algorithms weight?
  • How do you ensure your technical deployments work?
  • How do you measure SEO impacts?
  • Do you outsource any client work to freelancers?
  • How much time you’ll spend on the account each month?
  • What role Does SEO play in wider business strategy?
  • How many resources are requiring from our side to make this partnership successful?

If an agency is giving answers to these questions it means that agency is honest. Perhaps maybe you get some unexpected answers as well. Bad agencies usually blame Brand in case of any failure.
Agency Selection

After consuming a lot of time over pitch process, Brand reach to end decision. Choose the best suitable Dallas SEO agency with the clear idea of goals your company want to achieve in near future.

Combined with standardizing approach to agency evaluation help in building a framework for ultimate selection. Some agencies struggle to win proposals.

As for a winning agency, set-up an initial kick-off meeting with them and share all the key requirements of Brand regarding strong SEO campaign.


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