What Happens if Your Website Hit by An SEO Attack?

What Happens if Your Website Hit by An SEO Attack?


Is it possible that a website hit by SEO Attack?

Off-course “YES”!

The internet has crowded with tons of users. Whenever, you search hundreds of links appear. But no one checks all of them as it is time consuming. Most of the users hit click for top five links to grab the information they are searching for.

This is the place where the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is a set of tactics that helps in ranking up the website in search results via appropriate keywords and terms.

But, things not always go positive. There are groups of people who work to harm SEO  efforts as well.

While Google and other search engines are in struggle to detect maneuvering as other unethical companies are in struggle to tear up other websites to build their site up.

Once your website hit by that SEO Attacks it becomes difficult to bounce back .

Off-course it is not impossible to protect the website against SEO Attacks.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants provides following tactics to secure the website against the predictable  SEO Attacks.

Before discussing the solution the first point is to understand that:

How do you know your website has been attacked by Hacker?

Hackers mostly use nasty tips like fake reviews and spam links in first attempt.

The above mentioned activities clearly indicate that site is under threat. In second attempt hacker tries to hit the source code of website that can be easily track by routine maintenance and formatting.

Monitoring the daily traffic and bounce rate is another way to check the attack ratio.

What security measures should be taken in case of Negative SEO Attack?

When you suspect that your site is hit with negative SEO.

Immediately take precautionary measures as it will save your website from further damage.

Generate alert to Google about attack. When you are up-front with Google and discuss the issue it’ll not penalize your site for unethical SEO practices.

Here, we discuss handy tactics to rescue your website in case of negative SEO attack:

Keep an Eye on Links

Perform the website’s audit on daily basis to detect any suspicious activity. Track link profile as it will also provide hints about possible attacks.

Analyze your website.

Normal and ideal website analytics shows increasing graph curves.

If you find sharp spies and drop in graphs then its time to get intense about attack. It is a red flag that shows sever attack.

Regularly check out the content of the website. if you find spammy links that directly lead to competitor’s site then inform Google.

Track Website Speed

Lowering of website’s load speed is an ultimate indication of attack.

It may be virus, hacker or negative SEO. Whatever it is, immediately take action to detect the cause and protect the site.

A negative SEO tactic involves crawling a website. This enforced crawling of the website puts loads on the web server, slow down the website’s speed or even crash.

Website speed is a key ranking factor. If your site face this negative SEO attack then contact to web hosting service provider and webmaster on short notice.

Monitor Copy-Cat Content

In negative SEO, attackers simply copy the content from another website.

Insert it on their website claims it as their own and combine it with a link farm attack.

Copied content can greatly affect the rankings of your website.

Make sure that your content is indexed in Google.

If your content isn’t indexed before the copied content, your website content will be tagged by Google as the copied Duplicate content.

Your website will be the one that will be penalized with decreased search result rankings.

Track Website’s Click Through Rates

Click through rate is a best indicator that either you are bringing right audience or not.

When you find that the bounce rate is increasing it means that negative SEO attack has occurred on your website. In these circumstances bounce rate can results false SERPs generated by malicious bots.

Check out Search Engine Rankings

Sharp decrease in search engine rankings is another indicator of negative SEO attack. I even cause de-indexing of your website. You can easily analyze your website with Google search console in order to avoid future damage.

Boost up the Security

Protect your website against cyber attacks. Ensure that your website security is up to date and working accordingly. Migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPs and ensure that your CMS is providing necessary encryption protection.

Not all negative SEO attacks are readily noticeable.

It is crucial for you to routinely monitor the content and performance of your website to prevent possible negative SEO attacks or to stem an attack to keep it from escalating.

You also need to protect your reputation on social media. Download this checklist and make sure you’ve got everything in order.





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