Is Guest Blogging really deceased?Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants

Is Guest Blogging really deceased?Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants


Google web spam Team, Matt Cutts recently release latest news about SEO. He said that Guest Blogging for SEO is dead.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants make an effort to clear this ambiguity hope it will help you a lot.

Why it is happening?

The above said statement about Guest Blogging is devastating for all online business owners and SEO specialists. They are concerned that Google might be planning to change the SEO ranking algorithms and attacking on most easy way of backlinking.

Most of the people utilize introverted tactics as their one and only strategy to obtain maximum links and be included in SERPs.

Do you really this that guest blogging supports backlinking excessively?

If “Yes” might be true but not exactly!
Guest blogging was never a full-stack link building strategy. It was best deployed tactic exploit by business owners and online marketers to grow social media presence, online community and website audience to display their products and services and business knowledge on the pertinent website.

There are various marketers who are using guest blogging as article marketing.

By adding guest blog posts on low quality sites, often irrelevant to their industry, for the solitary reason of receiving a link back to their own website it is really a very spammy tactic.

Just like submitting general content to mature article sites with expectations that Google will rank the site for their targeted keywords and phrases, this was an approach that simply couldn’t last.

The online marketers should get away from the state of mind that they become successful in link building by simply maintaining the blogs.

The true online guest blogging is about building the content that will really help company to grab attention by providing real value on website.

 Is guest posting really dead?

This question is not hard to explain.

If you have done guest posting right, then it is alive.

If the purpose of guest posting is merely to secure the maximum links, then it is not purposeful at all.

Marketers should highlight the quality point in the post to capture maximum potential audience.

The captivating blogging generates leads, boosts conversions and reduce bounce rate.

Moving forward

In order to stop Google, marketer’s community needs to devise new strategies for getting noticed and earning links.

There are tremendous amount of ways to obtain links such as whitepapers, infographics, videos, images and so on.

Marketers need to search out highly optimized methods to obtain maximum links.

It’s time to drop cheap and spammy methods for acquiring links.

Still if you think that guest blogging necessary for your business survival,

Then do it only for brand building, community interaction and to grab referral traffic.

Bottom Line

Guest blogging is not vital for link building and SERPs.

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