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The beauty of digital marketing is enhancing since last two decades. Five Common Ranking Mistakes Many business owners are significantly utilizing the features of digital marketing very frequently for the online business success. Google is changing its algorithmic trends on daily basis, thus it is really difficult to practice new tactics for digital marketing, and reason is that usually people do some common mistakes during optimization process.

Let’s explore the five silly SEO blunders mostly practiced during site optimization:

Keyword Structure Mistake

The sound and robust Machine Learning techniques significantly provide leverage to online business marketing campaign, however, still keyword research is playing vital role in successful digital marketing. For successful on-site content, keyword should exactly match the business domain and should meet the business goal.

Well-define keyword structure helps the audience in browsing via search engine. Imagine, your web portal only contains content and lacks appropriate keyword, how does the audience get your business platform? You will never able to hit the market without structured keyword research campaign.

An appropriate keyword should go with your niche; it helps effectively in lead generation, boosting traffic and high rank positioning.

The other side of coin is keyword stuffing, it is an unhealthy practice; it makes content poor and audience loses interest in reading.

Internal Linking Mistake

Internal linking is basically the back linking; it is an off-site SEO technique. Internal linking provides leverage to your web portal; it helps organic traffic boost and rank improvement.

Let’s have a look on proper linking methods:

  • Build website navigation paths for users
  • Allow deep link crawling web pages and boost crawl rate
  • Set crucial site pages in search engine with well-defined architecture
  • Allow authority throughout your web portal

Well-settled back link tactics play vital role in web traffic boosting and organic rank positioning.

On-weekly basis conduct internal link audit and identify the high authority web pages, once you identify the authority simply insert the links into them.

Optimize the anchor text to drive impressions on linked web pages, try to utilize distinct anchor text phrases for each link so that you can rank your websites pages for different web pages.

Poor Page Copy

The most common opinion in digital marketing is it’s crucial to write for target readers not for browsers. Try to keep content light and to the point; don’t try to brag knowledge with massive use of jargon, set writing standards up to eighth-grade reader.

Usually, the purpose of on-site content is building brand awareness. The suggested approach is placing doable tactics in informational content to provide more brand value.

Leverage a solid headline to gain the reader interest, and empower this interest with a useful introductory paragraph. Try to insert clear transition phrases, and focus on using animated GIFs and videos to entertain users with after hectic reading of long chunks of paragraphs. These practices will also boost your average user visit rate.

Un-optimized images & Videos

In case of poor page copy, most of the bloggers still ignore image and video optimization. Un-optimized image file formats and sizes are the most common load time mistakes that lower down SEO performance.

During Video file optimization try to host all of your video files in a single folder and build a video site map for search engines to index your videos. You should optimize the Meta-description of all video pages with main keywords for indexation. Leverage a call to action in your Meta description and video broadcasting.

43% visitor mostly avoids reading text, trying to visualize the content with the help videos and GIFs.

Poor Content Promotion

This leads to the greatest error that faced bloggers.  It is a common myth that a good piece of content should serve as a link magnet and even increase the high rank. We conducted research and discover that it true.

Leverage your promotion with the help of following tips:

  • Select best digital marketers for the content promotion
  • Build contacts with influencers via social media
  • Post maximum videos for boosting shareability
  • Build contacts with websites having similar niche
  • Update content on authority web pages
  • Run a successful advertising campaign on social media


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