The DNA of Successful Content the trial For Human writers and Algorithms

The DNA of Successful Content the trial For Human writers and Algorithms


It is a common myth that content generating tools exactly now the DNA of Successful Content.

But, unfortunately this is only a myth.

Human writers can generate the far better content as compare to content generating software or websites.

Content generating software owners or builders usually claim that they improve the algorithms after every specific period.

The matter of fact is that content generating machines can’t produce audience convincing content.

For writing an engaging content it is necessary to focus on the content DNA.

In this article DevDigs, Dallas SEO Consultants have discussed the crucial elements to compose the content in a better way.

Important Content Elements

There are various content elements that perform vital role in writing a successful piece.

For example:


Selection of right topic for the right audience is first and foremost step.

There are tons of interesting topics like by audience like on celebrities, on cooking tips, trending topics like artificial intelligence and health policies.

Content Type

The publishers content is usually categorized into diverse types like news articles, opinions.

Set the content type according to your business niche and continue writing under the same shed.

Content Format

What are you writing?

A story or a News?

Content type determines the format of a content.

Try to follow the clearly define format like if your content type is story writing then follow the tone of story teller articles.


Authors don’t matter for algorithms.

Algorithm needs appropriate inputs to generate require content.

However, authors play significant role in driving maximum traffic on site by building audience appealing content.


Before we get to the quality of content, will people click through to read it?

Does the headline echo with the target audience, does it provide a clear promise or incite curiosity or generate emotions?

What is the headline structure and does it use?

Domain or Publisher

The success of an article also relies on the site or domain it is published on.

For example: this article on our blog may generate far more engagement if it was published on say, the New York Times.

This imitates not just the nature and size of their audience but also the authority, trust and respect the site has.

Content Quality

There are many standards that gauge the quality of content

For Example:

How much research has been conducted for the content?

Is the content unique and concise?

How many visuals and charts are present?

All the above-mentioned features are usually used to determine the quality of a content.


The Relative Importance of Content Elements Across Industries

The relative importance of different content varies from business to business.

For Example:

  • On average the engagement on posts boost by like and shares. But in case of higher education websites the shares and likes are relatively less
  • In customer content emotional headlines boost customer engagement specially on Facebook
  • In the field of marketing the content format is particularly significant in driving shares and links. ‘How’ to and list posts are more appealing for target audience
  • Areas like technology articles like AI and ML grabs attention of technology lovers
  • Areas like health care covers detailed forms of news, treatments gain far more attention


The simple point is that an effective content writing algorithm would need to understand the DNA of Successful Content

This is correspondingly true of human content writers.

The more you comprehend the DNA of successful content in your industry the more you will have a clear picture of the content you should be aspiring to create.

Algorithms may be many years away from being able to generate content which is not data driven, such as opinion content, but as writers, we still need to do more to understand our audience.

Evaluating data is one way we can deepen our understanding.








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