How to Convert Blog Readers to High Leads? Devdigs Recommendation

How to Convert Blog Readers to High Leads? Devdigs Recommendation


Blogging is right! When it is paying off in the form of High Leads.

If your company has not started blogging on official website then start it now!

Question: How Blogs provides High Leads?

Answer: Whatever piece of text you put on your website’s blog portion, Off-Course it must be related to the business you are offering  through the website! Drives audience.

It sounds simple. But things are not that simple. Quick hacks, tactics and experience require to meet High Leads via efficient blogging.

Here, Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company  recommend you few tactics to employ in your current blogging campaign for maximum leads.

Before hitting the tactics,

Let’s explore the importance of a business blog as it is crucial to business success in the present century:

  • Marketing with blogs boost 13 times ROI
  • Driving traffic to the site is one of the toughest challenges for marketers. Blogs bring traffic.
  • Nearly 80% of population are discovered as a  blog reader
  • Companies who do blogging on a daily basis have 67% more leads
  • 70% B2B business is blogging on their official websites
  • Publish 16+ posts per month boosts leads up to  3.5 times

The Good news is that!

Blogs are the most effective way to bring the potential traffic. In short time and within affordable budget.

Bad News: Only high traffic, comments, likes and views are not sufficient to run a profitable business.

The main goal of a business is to convert traffic into loyal customers.

Important Point: Generate traffic and leads simultaneously. With traffic lead is impossible and without significant leads your business will wipe out.

Boost the traffic and leads together. Follow the simple formula:

Traffic Generation + Lead Generation = Marketing Hit

Let’s go through the tactics that help you in managing maximum leads


Call-to-action wake up the reader and emphasizes to perform actions while active on the site.

Don’t leave the blog for simple comment or like.

Allow the reader to subscribe, share, download or contact you.

Compel the readers to perform actions on your site otherwise all your efforts will lose.

If a customer is already busy with your brand. Facilitate him/her more than before.

The places on your site where significant CTA is required:

  • At the page top
  • At the end of post
  • Inside the post
  • Within sidebar
  • At scroll bar
  • At slide bar
  • As a full screen overlay

It is not necessary to put CTA on all above mentioned site areas. You can choose the best suitable and engaging points of your site to deploy the most significant one.

Although, you can try these popular tactics as well on your site.

Hello Bar

Grab the customer attention as soon as he visit the website by using Hello Bar on your Website.

There is no guarantee that visitor will  further scroll the site or not.

But, with the help of instant CTA like hello bar will help in increasing the stay time of visitor on your site.

Hello Bar boosts subscriptions, Emails and promote products/services.

In-Text CTAs

Recent research shows that only 10% people read full blog post.

Nearly 60% people simple scroll down the entire post and prefer skimming.


For some websites Hello Bar works in an excellent way. Thus, they continue with it.

banner blindness is another handy tactic that is utilized by several websites and help in maximizing the leads.

To some extend In-text CTAs also works.

Hubspot generate 47 to 93 % of leads via anchor text CTA.

The font is bigger to capture the attention of visitor. It boost the chance that visitor may click the link.

Thus, it will convert into successful lead.

In the same fashion, it is observed that combination of anchor text CTA and internal links goes up o the mark and generate leads up to 83%.

Internal links help you in bringing the potential customer to landing page.


It is not necessary to put CTA on the top or on the side bars. Place it anywhere you find the best hit.Test each area.

Static Side Bar

The Static side bar banner is widely used on all blogging websites to capture the maximum attention.

It covers subscription, newsletters and contact us.

Although, in some case static sidebar banner also neglected by various visitors.

But, still it manage to provide you a 0.4% conversion rate.

Exit Intend Overlay

Exit intend overly works when the visitor is ready to leave the site by clicking on next tab or back button.

An screen appear to capture the customer’s attention and enforce him to stay on website.

Exit pop screen brings leads when 80 to 95 % visitors ready to leave the website.

Welcome Mart

Welcome mart compel the visitor to to perform call-to-action before reading the post or visiting the products or services offered by your site.


There is a huge crowd that leaves the site without performing CTA the best way to capture them is use the re targeting technique.

You can utilize the tools for that purpose as well.

Retargeting works on the simple principle:

A short code snippet called pixel is placed on your website. This pixel drops a cookie that tracks the visitor who once visit your website throughout the browser and follow him to the internet.

The pixel follows the visitors and show them relevant ads to bring them back to the landing page.


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