How to do a competitive analysis- A key part of Keyword Research

How to do a competitive analysis- A key part of Keyword Research

Online Business success relies on generating leads. For capturing huge target market it is essential to perform a proper competitive analysis.

For meeting the business goals it is essential to focus the Keywords targeted by potential competitors.

Keyword Research is crucial to build highly friendly searching trends in order to provide ease to customers during search. Keywords help in hitting organization’s business quickly.

Before starting Keyword Research must perform a significant competitive analysis to review the keyword tactics employed by potential competitors.

Three cases are the reason for competitive analysis:

  • While developing website searching for the niche, competitors and demand
  • When ROI falls off
  • While exploring brand new market trends


Competitive Analysis Address Important Questions

  1. How many Keywords should be in the content?
  2. List of optimized keywords
  3. To what extend keywords are missing?
  4. Which keywords are targeted by competitors?
  5. How much should spend on PPC?

The Dallas SEO Company incorporates best Keyword Research service to boost the SEO mark ups of a company’s website.

Quick Hacks to conduct Competitive Analysis

Let’s discuss how to conduct an optimized competitive analysis

  1. Know your Competitors and boost Confidence

Search your competitors and find out what are the most popular trends practicing in market relevant to SEO Keyword Research.

Find out how are your competitors and what are the keywords they are utilizing for optimal search.

You can observe the competitor’s progress by simply utilizing a tool named as Serpstat’s this tool is widely used for competitive analysis. It helps in tracking the all current activities and progress your competitors are producing. Serpstat’s also help in gauging the competitor’s optimal Keyword utilization. This, tactic enables you to hit the right keywords for SEO boost.

You can calculate risks with the help of this tool. Risk calculation provides significant help in improving position the market.

  1. Easily Find Optimal Keywords

Dallas SEO Consultants recommend to utilize proper tool in order to hit the optimized keywords. There are excellent tools for searching highly optimal keywords.

The Google Keyword Planner is widely used tool to search most relevant keywords for the website.

Search for the missing keywords. Missing Keywords are those which rank in top 100 search results in the competitor’s URL but not present in your website domain.

Don’t copy all the missing keywords.Focus only potential and customer oriented keywords.

Compare the search volume and then strength. Choose only worth targeting keywords.

If you found Keyword clustering then immediately opt it. Keyword Clusturing help in producing highly optimized search, it boosts conversion rates, click through rates and reduces PPC cost.

The Google Humming words are also an optimal choice for running successful SEO and conducting highly optimized competitive analysis.

  1. You know impartially, how good you are

Hit the full picture while comparing your efforts with your competitors. Never struggle to search competitors for the sake of Keywords only, it may be misleading.

For competitive keyword search, follow this simple “Hack”:

Go to SEO research->Domain Vs Domain

This is the platform where you can compare your domain with competitor’s and track the visibility of rival’s domain as well as yours.

It is observed while conducting competitive analysis, ranking trends of mutual keywords shows dramatic difference.

Affordable hack

Save Money on PPC

An important point while conducting competitive analysis is to give a deep insight to the rival’s advertisement in case if it is running their PPC campaign.

Targeting keyword in PPC helps in capturing the most potential traffic.

To track this, simply choose ad example,or competitor keyword depending what you would like to explore.


Bottom Line

  • Search for direct organic competitors
  • Hit competitor’s keyword list
  • Compare rankings and visibility
  • Fill the gap by identifying missing keywords
  • Discover PPC competitors
  • Track the campaign








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