How to communicate the importance of SEO to your Boss

How to communicate the importance of SEO to your Boss


If you are prominent figure in the field of SEO, you must know the importance of SEO. Chances are high that you have been pass through difficult phases like 404s, backlinks, spiders and indexing.

All above SEO challenges may be weird for someone else and probably they consider it useless and annoying.

Although! SEO has its own worth in the market.

If you encounter annoying remarks about SEO from decision makers of your firm then its alarming situation.

SEO plays vital role in the success of the business.

Most of the CEO don’t try to dive in the pool of SEO and consider it expensive and time-consuming activity.

In this article Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants have shared some simple tactics that help you in delivering the importance of SEO to the executives.

Clear the Terminology “SEO” 

Every field has its own specific jargon.

Example: In the field of accounting the most familiar word is “spreadsheet”. Whenever, it comes up, mind automatically reflects that, jargon links with accounts and finance.

In the same fashion SEO (Search Engine Optimization) clearly explaining its purpose.

Most of the CEOs have no idea about the purpose of SEO.

Thus, it is your responsibility to deliver the purpose and meaning of SEO, in addition also mention the pros of this healthy practice.

Explain Why SEO is important for Business

SEO involves tons of activities.

No doubt, it is a time taking process.

Patience and relaxed mind are the necessary for successful build.

Most of the business owners take tough time in trusting SEO as it doesn’t bring the sort of results they want in their desired timeframe.

It can be problematic to persuade the top management about your proposed course of action when there is a lack of tangible standards and no specified timeframes.

Whenever, you present your idea to top authority, struggle to keep the overall goal in mind.

Draw clear big picture of your goal.

Explain why it is important?

And, why you are doing it.

Example: if you exposed prevalent of identical content on the site, you might instantly set about rephrasing the content or transmittingsuperfluous pages the ones you want to focus on.

Your boss may then question you about that.

After all, why not leave those pages alone because the more content even matching content is just more revelation, right?

Well, since you’re an SEO expert,

You master the state of art and know well why identical content is harmful.

And when boss ask why it is harmful? you could fall back on conventional reasoning: “Because Google hates identical content.”

But, wait for a moment, that explanation is not sufficient to satisfy your boss’s information need.

Instead, explain that: “Google algorithms are smart and they love to accept coherent pieces of content, otherwise site will never secure top rank in search results.”

The above explanation will secure your job!

Craft the Right Explanation for audience

Within an organization you face variety of audience.

Although, it truly depends upon the size of an organization.

People from different departments want to know what is going on and why SEO matters?

People from IT department would like to know about all the technical details and fixes.

The marketing department would be more interested to know that how SEO attract the massive audience.

The executive would be more concern about the organization’s bottom line.

Example: a meeting with IT personnel may involve how certain technical implementations will be needed to make the website more mobile-friendly.

A similar meeting with management may involve negotiations about the time and resources that your SEO plan will need.

Right explanation clear out the importance of SEO to executives.


When talking to others who don’t know about SEO, may stare you and consider it ridiculous.

The only thing is you can take the advantage of their ignorance.

Organize a document with compete information about SEO.

Clearly mention the reports, SEO strategies and long-term goals.

Don’t forget to focus on the metrices that would be most interesting and beneficial to the audience.

Build Credibility

It is difficult to persuade executive to opt SEO for business.

Although, it is not impossible above, you need to document all the activities to show how SEO works.

Once you win the credibility, you win the game.

Question: How do you build your own credibility?

You must take the initiative by being the leader in your department.

Write articles on behalf of the organization.

Satisfy the customers by responding their quires. Revisit company’s website content. Rephrase it in better way.

As it mentioned above, you need to document all the activities to show how SEO efforts are effective for organization’s bottom line.

you may try the following:

Record conversion data from organic search traffic and associate those numbers to revenue.

Set organization’s official profile on Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console, so you can monitor revenue from contact forms and E-commerce, which will express to leadership and the marketing department.

Report on how you are doing associated to competitors. 

Accumulate a list of 5-10 top competitors who are currently beating your company for the top 10 keywords and demonstration what the usual monthly search volume of those keywords or terms are.

Showing these lost opportunities can be enough to shoot any executive to reinforce and support your SEO efforts.







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