Change in E-Commerce Trends: Effects of Voice App Integration

Change in E-Commerce Trends:  Effects of Voice App Integration



E-Commerce Trends  improves with the advanced technology!

If you Say “YES”!

Congratulations! Your business is efficient and smart.

The common viewpoint of marketers is that beat the competitor by providing customers what they are dreaming for.

No doubt! The technology has been advanced and introducing top notch apps every single day!

One of the bleeding edge technology turnover is  Voice App. Launching.

Voice Apps has brought significant change in E-Commerce Trends.

Now customers tell what they actually want!

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants recommend to move E-Commerce Business with Latest E-Commerce Trends integrated with cutting edge technology.

In 2016 alone, the voice-based search went from zero to 10% of all search volume. Today, 20% of all searches have a voice-based goal. By 2020 research estimates that half of all searches will be done by voice.

But there are a few notable tentative blocks. Let’s Explore them!

Accuracy is a question

The major question

Five years back in 2013,  the estimated ration of Google’s spoken word accuracy was below 80%.

A few years later, it has enhanced to above 90%.

 Chinese search engine Baidu’s voice recognition accuracy nearly rate is above 95%.

It is great, but 99% accuracy is what high, reputed search engines are determined for.

Voice Search is not in trend, but we soon and when that happens, you can expect voice-enabled search adoption to blow up.

Skewing the Play Field

Further than the precision of the spoken word, however, there are also significant differences:

How we speak to search versus how we type to search

While you may search for “Burger places near your residential city or area”, you’re much more likely to be friendly with a voice-enabled device.

Amazon ricochet understands that you want a “Beef burger with extra cheese” from Burger King, and can have it delivered to your door.

Thus, in this case no typing is necessary.

You can see how this would blow right opposing ads.

Both paid and organic.

Instead skew the playing field in favor of those companies that want to invest an ample amount in being the preferred provider of that product or service.

Service providers like Uber, Kayak and Burger kings have already made huge gains in setting themselves up for such a voice-based brand power windfall.

In the meantime, there’s a rush from both Amazon and Google to lead the automated home supporter market.

With the release of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, there’s a definite face-off between the leader in e-commerce and the leader in search. What remains to be seen, however, is just how much of a role these apps actually play in promoting a purchase.

Enlightening the Customer Intend

Not unpredictably, much of what can be done with voice-based search  revolves around strong analytics and research.

GoodNes, the Nestle app that uses Amazon Echo skills, lets you search recipes, see or tell what ingredients are required.

 E-mail you the recipe or show you nutritional information, among other things.

Shaping how the user searches and what they search for using voice could very well shed light on potential new products or combinations.

It’s the kind of one-on-one insight that traditional focus groups simply can’t compare to.

Should Business Owners Be anxious?

Even though it seems like only big brands will be able to take advantage of the shift in voice-based searches and purchases.

 Big brands only truly scratching the surface of the full potential of apps. Both Amazon and Google know that it’s not in their best interest to simply become a herd pen for branded apps and that relevancy is the name of the game.

 Final Word

Any kind of business can’t perform up to the mark without adopting significant change. E-Commerce is truly online business concept and thus, for its survival owners need to deploy bleeding edge technologies.





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