Bing Keyword Tool: How it is Cost Effective and Efficient

Bing Keyword Tool: How it is Cost Effective and Efficient


Is Bing Keyword Tool really exists?


Bing is not popular as Google. The search volume at Google is far greater than that of Bing.

It is a brilliant way to boost Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for marketing purpose via highly personalized target audience from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

Bing not only provide Bing Keyword Tool only for potential keywords in fact, it also provides significant aid for PPC marketers to boost the ROI up to the mark.

Bing Ads intelligence is the most popular Keyword tool. It provides deeper insights about the action, needs and desire of the user.

This tool is an Excel’s Extension thus, it provides highly customizable layout for significant use.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company recommends marketers to utilize Bing Keyword Tool for the optimized PPC campaign.

Some essential features that stand out incorporate:

  • Traffic analysis on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This helps you in grabbing the trends in search queries to figure out optimize keywords and plan shifts in the current market place
  • Helps in mining the historical data for specific keywords, impression and cost. With bing you can drill down the history up to 6 months
  • Discover opportunities through searches with keyword functionality. This allows to check the list of search queries contains your keywords


The Bing Keyword Tool in Action

Today we’ll explore how Brand Builders utilizes Bing Keyword Tool for robust PPC marketing campaigns.

Bing’s Keyword Suggestion Feature

While running a PPC campaign the most important point that needs a significant amount of time is aligning the search intend of your potential customers.

However, Relevant keywords play important role in search alignment.

Keywords not only align the audience needs, in fact,  they also meet the business goals.

There are a wide variety of keywords tools like  SEMursh, Ahrefs, etc.

But, all these tools work with third party databases, thus provide inaccurate results.

Even Google Keyword planner also provides wobbly results.

On the other hand, bing keyword planner provides most reliable results based on a core set of keywords.

For Example:

Bing Keyword Suggestion Feature helps in in searching the profitable keywords to incorporate into bing campaign.

To employ the suggestion tool presented by Bing’s keyword tool, just hit on Keyword Selection and select the options that you want to incorporate into your keyword research.

Understand The Sessional Trends

If you dream to optimize the PPC ads to grab a better view of your audience.

Then quickly hit the traffic tab to track the monthly or weekly trend of each keyword.

In the above screen shot example, there are evident searches in May and June in 2017 as the business is offering pool cleaning services.

In order to maximize the marketing dollars for an explicit product or service, then you should consider shifting funds for require periods.

Research Age Group or Gender

While many PPC managers measure Bing and Google on the same scale.

In fact, both are entirely different platforms.

For optimizing the Bing PPC campaign, it is essential to hit the most coherent keywords for PPC ads and landing pages. For producing right material it is important to track the views.

There is an effective aspect, built right into the Bing keyword tool to help you attain this.

By accessing the part of the tool through More Research and then clicking on Age Group & Gender, you get the aptitude to use Bing’s database to comprehend who will be hitting on your ads.

Based on a core set of keywords, the Bing keyword tool will then show us a breakdown of the gender and age of people who will likely hit on your ads.


In above Example it is clearly observed that:

The majority of the traffic for the keyword “swimming pool cleaning service” will be from 65-year-old women.

The majority of traffic from “swimming pool cleaning” will be between the ages of 35-64.

Engagement from “pool cleaning service” will mostly come from men between the ages of 50-65+.

In this example age and gender plays a significant role in determining the overall all marketing strategy.

Deploying Bing Ads Intelligence For Smarter PPC Campaign

Since  the PPC campaign is an optimized way to drag decent traffic on a business website.

Bing Ads has a much lower CPC, prominent engagement, and gets much better CPA compared to Google AdWords.

One of the advanced things about Bing’s keyword tool is the amount of detailed insight they provide users.

It is the best platform to find the highly relevant keywords. It helps in discovering trends to optimize the campaign.

It helps in understanding the customer searching intentions.

Bing Ads are not sufficient for effective business growth. Integrate Bings Keyword tool as well.

It’s free and allow to conduct integrated research that help you in optimizing the PPC campaign.



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