Apply 6 secrets to improve Business with Google Analytics

Apply 6 secrets to improve Business with Google Analytics


The Week comes to an end. Now it’s time to gauge website traffic on Google Analytics.

Thus, hit the sign in and watch the conversions and bounce rates! Check

Analysis the traffic difference! Check

After taking the glimpse of  all a mandatory activities. It’s time to analyze other supporting graphs incorporated in Google Analytics to observe other website activities like number of total visits.

All the above mentioned activities hardly take 30 minutes.

However, do you think ,are these activities enough to track from Google Analytics?

If  Say “NO” then you are on the right blog!

Google Analytics is more than that!

Google Analytics is playing a vital role in leveraging other business activities as well.

In this article we’ll explore 6 different tactics that support Business are incorporated in Google Analytics.

How to stack up with the Competition?

Benchmark screen in analytics tool provides traffic stats. Same is the case with Google. The traffic stats help  in differentiating competitor’s traffic strength with your website traffic.

However, it  may not be accurate as your competitor may do not use same analytic tool.

But, Still, something is better than nothing!

It provides information either your business is securing more traffic than your competitor or not.

Do you know how engaged your visitors are?

if Say “NO”?

Then average stats time comparison is there to provide detail information  about visitor engagement on website.This allow to “Stack up with Competition”

A little change may be required that is “Website Improvement”


Where You are in the World?

To Capture potential Customer location should be consider first.

Map Embedding is not Cool! As it usually not works

Because, maps only provide information limited to countries. For customer retention it is crucial to hit their cities as well.  This drill down tactic provides more useful insights about target audience.

For Example: If your organization’s website is U.S  based it is not necessary that potential traffic is coming from U.S cities. There is a strong probability that 80 to 90 percent traffic is coming from London.

Once your analytics determine the exact locations of potential customers. Sure, it helps you in modifying business suit according to the customers needs and requirements.

Window Shoppers VS Returning Customers

If Business is selling Products/Services and unable to hit the right audience

Then, figure out the difference of the ratio between window shoppers and returning customers.

Analyze those customers who bought the product/service only once and never visit website again. In addition, also track those visitors who only view website details and have done no conversions.

When You are done with the analysis. Set the Goals! Simple

Goal # 1  “Convert Visitors into loyal Customers”

Goal # 2 “For return business boost returning visitor count”


A quick tactic to achieve the above said goals: Utilize cookies or referrer information that will allow to show custom options for different types of visitors.

Where does your Business Rank On Google?

Off-Course it is not possible to run an Online business without keyword planner.

Your website must have catchy keywords that drive potential traffic on a landing page.

If Say “YES”!

Continue with those keywords list and drag the website from Google’s second page to first page.

To do this! Off-course Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only the key.

A Second option is also there!

Start pay-per click “Google Adwords” campaign for those keywords.

Determine New Products/Services or Content

Figure out customer’s inclination towards products or services.

But, How to check?

Simply! Analyze the reviews against products/services

If people like the one particular item, then offer relevant products/service even content to gain customer interest.

It is observed that! Old customer retention is easier than obtaining new customers.

What are Your Goals?

If you don’t have goals.

Set them first!

Go to the analytics tool and setup Business goals to run drive maximum traffic on a website.

Further, ensure that data require goals is just according to traffic stats.



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