9 Elements for Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

9 Elements for Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

The potential of social media, with its ability to build high-level brand awareness and ROI, has made it a large and integral part of a modern-day business organization’s marketing budget and strategies. In this day and age, it would be alarming if your organization has not yet started social media marketing. The end result is simple: your brand awareness shall diminish eventually leading to situations where your organization ends up losing its customers.

Let’s explore 9 crucial elements for successful social media marketing.

Set SMART Goals & Objectives

Posting relevant content on well-reputed social media platforms sounds economical, but it won’t give you the desired outcome you’re waiting and hoping for.

The admitted fact is that, without SMART goals and objectives, you’ll never know the significance of the outcome, or whether your social media marketing has helped your business or not.

The word SMART stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Result-focused
  • Timely

The value of a social media strategy, has no worth if you are implementing it without a goal or objective. This applies to any of the prevalent social media platforms that, you are using for posting your organization’s advertising campaigns and announcements.

With SMART goals or objectives, you can measure whether the social media marketing strategies are succeeding or going in the wrong direction. If you are not observing the desired results, then your SMART goals will guide your organization through required improvements. Thus, you can easily leverage your marketing strategies on different social media platforms.

Regular Posting

It’s not sufficient to post once a week or twice a week. Make it a healthy practice of posting daily. This will build a higher conversation rate over time. Some social media platforms need frequent posting, for example, Twitter, Facebook, in order to create valuable news, feeds for users.

The Majority of the social networks permit you to post text, images, and videos. Some social platforms allow one kind of post item, for example, YouTube broadcasts videos only. You can only post images on Pinterest and text-based posts on Twitter.

Post content according to the organization’s goals or objectives. Conduct a thorough research, before posting about target customers and competitors.

For a successful social media campaign using an editorial calendar. You can set the time and day for content posting on different social networks with the help of these calendars.

Post High-Quality Content


“Content is king” it is the famous saying, your content should be eye-catching and entertaining. Your content quality appeals to your target audience. With quality content, you can easily build up customer loyalty and can attract new customers as well.

Post beauty and attraction is not sufficient. Your organization’s posts need to facilitate engagement and interaction with your customers. Interaction with customers is key in building a strong relationship with customers over time.

Most common engagements on social media include:

  • Video
  • Training/Guides
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes/ Contests

You can offer discounts to the customers who share and re-share your content enhancing the clicks on the links to your official website.

Work with Delegation

A well-defined team structure is required for social media marketing strategy. It cannot be accomplished by one or two people.

Utilize robust tools for running a successful social media marketing campaign. Many of these tools help you in automating your social media strategy and campaigns.

Automation is not a good solution because your audience quickly recognizes automatically generated posts and they remain unnoticed also building a bad-word of mouth over time. For a successful social media marketing campaign, it is crucial to invest in an honest effort in content writing.

Proper Budget and Resource Allocation

Social media marketing is inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about ballooning budgets and resource utilization.

You can leverage your social media marketing campaign within a reasonable budget.

Facebook ad  permits you to set your budget. You can go as low or as high as you want and you can schedule a campaign just according to your requirements. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

In-depth research

While organizing social media plan, it would be not feasible to run your goals and objectives without having a good look at how your current social media efforts are going. A social media audit on your company will help you to figure out in which areas you’re doing well in and where you need improvements.

Another crucial research aim is to target the potential competitors and their social media marketing strategies. Research provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the social media channels they are using?
  • What kind of content they are posting?
  • How much effort they are putting in social media marketing?

Answers to all the above said questions, provide you detailed information regarding your organization’s competitor target market and social media marketing strategy.

Focus on Social Media trends and opportunity

Robust and continuous social media surfing helps you to figure out the new social media trends and opportunities that, you can easily grab. To maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing monitor the following trends:

  • Brand buildings
  • Market trends
  • Track competitors’ news and information

Quantifiable Results from continuous Progress Tracking

If you plan properly and implement a social media marketing campaign, but don’t monitor the results, you can’t measure your social media marketing success.

For success measurement, it is crucial to define your goals or objectives. Without these, you can’t decide whether your efforts were successful or not.

Combined paid, Owned and earned marketing

Social Media Marketing is facilitated to split your different marketing aspects. In order to work well, your organization must have paid, owned and earned marketing efforts and strategies. When these are put into practice, it is easier to allocate more efforts and time, energy and resources into one strategy that, works better and ignore the others.

Having a solid plan and well-defined goals and objectives and an active presence on popular social media platforms your organization can run a successful and measurable social media marketing campaign.


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