The 8 Most Important Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking

The 8 Most Important Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking



Conversion Metrics is a key to track the rate of successful conversions.

Agree? Then it is so cool!

If you are running an online organization it is important to retain the visitors on the website and convert them to loyal customers.

But How?

Having a useful product and service is not enough for the business.

For high conversions an organization should always keep an eye on potential Conversion Metrics useful for retention and high conversions.

There are countless ways of optimizing the Conversion Metrics used for converting customers to loyal customers.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO consultancy assists organizations identify useful metrics according to the nature of the products and services.

 Devdigs,  Dallas SEO company help organizations incorporate right Conversion Metrics to the products offered by the organization.

There are tons of tactics for an organization to boost customer retention and conversion, but the most important metrics to track are as follow.


Sources of Traffic

There are three diverse sources of traffic.

Direct visitors are those who type in URL directly to their search bars for any business website they require.


Referral visitors visit a particular website due to the link provides by any blog or any other website.

Organization should evaluate to see which source is most important for conversion, and calculate which source is converting the most to deal with that source separately.

Search visitors are redirected to an organizations website through search queries.



Converting First Time Visitors

To improve the experience for the first timers on the website, an organization must separate their conversion rates from loyal customers or returning customers.

Determining the experience of first timers when they visit any website for the first time, and how that experience could be enhanced is vital for the business.

Usability plays an exceptional role in reducing the bounce rate.

Return Visitor Conversion

A business should be on the lookout for two inquiries.

Why did the customer leave?

Did that person convert the first time they visited the website?

A business should also look at why did the person not convert the first time?


How can the business convert that person the second time around?

Business should consider the fact that they have made an impression if the person has come back for the second time around to the website.

The business should separate the conversion rate of customers who have come back the second time and look for tactics to boost the conversion of return visitors.


Visitors Interactions

It is not just enough for businesses to monitor customers on the website.

It is also essential for any business to look at the behavior of visitors on their site,

What reviews they have given?

On which pages they stayed the longest?

Each of these interactions are important for a business to monitor.

These interactions are then leveraged to convert visitors into actual buyers.


Value Generates Through Visits

The value of the interactions per visit is often intangible and difficult to calculate by the business.

This could be any review or feedback a visitor has left behind or any word of mouth they have spread.

On E-commerce websites however, the value is generated through purchasing a product.

Value is calculated by dividing the number of visits to total value created.


Cost Per Conversion

Keeping the total costs lower than the cost of conversion and cost of value per visit is the most important Conversion Metric to keep track on.

 Slip up in these costs by the firm will result in net income being zero or negative.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the rate at which new visitors arrive at a website and just click away without interacting or doing anything on that website.

A business should keep the bounce rate monitored when implementing five metrics discussed above.

High bounce rate means the pages on the website are not fully optimized for conversion or the sources of traffic are irrelevant.

For E-commerce websites bounce rate are called abandonment rates, in which people abandon their shopping carts without actually completing the transactions of purchase.


Exit Pages

This is not necessarily true that only home pages cause elevated bounce rates, bounce rates could be caused by any page on the website.

A business should keep an eye on what pages cause most of the people to leave the website so that those pages could be optimized accordingly.






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