8 Easy Ways to Exploit A Blog & Perk Up SEO Results

8 Easy Ways to Exploit A Blog & Perk Up SEO Results

Successful online business always considers the  SEO Content Strategy as blogging is all about producing quality and relevant content. In this era of digital marketing, every online business is running a proper business website. Surly for boosting the business leads, companies are struggling to capture the right audience through the proper blogging platform.

Here are some key benefits we can get from online blogging:

  • Organic Search
  • Online Traffic Boost
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Pull potential Customers

Dallas SEO Consultant practices handy SEO tactics for optimized results.

In an article, we’ll discuss the “8 highly Effective Blogging tactics” to boost the site authority and traffic.

  1. Build a Persuasive title/name of Your Blog

While setting the blog section of a website make sure that the site marketers are following the professional naming convention for blogs.

The three main attributes should be on an online business blog:

  1. Relevancy
  2. Descriptive blog title
  3. Creativity

Before blogging, ask the following questions:

  • What is the target subject matter of the blog?
  • What would be a convincing portrayal of my business/industry?
  • Can I slot in significant SEO keywords in the blog title/name?
  • Exclusively, who am I struggling to get in touch with?

Answers to all above-mentioned questions help you in building a quality blog without SEO Content Strategy putting so much effort and energy. It is an observed trend that optimizing around subject matter helps in building relevant blog. In fact, a relevant blog pulls more organic traffic.


“Target Main Keywords in Blog Title/Name”

  1. Hit the exact Audience With Each Post

Dallas SEO Consultant recommends targeting the specific group of people in each blog by SEO Content Strategy. This tactic helps in building an optimized content for the specific audience. Thus, target only those keywords which are according to the customer’s wants and expectations.

For Example:

If you are composing content about freelancing and its benefits then you can target the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to capture the attention of a specific audience segment.

  1. Execute An Efficient URL Structure

Website URL should be short and easy to understand.

Dallas SEO Consultants concentrate on the following benefits one can get via efficient URL structure

It Makes Result Coverage Effortless

It is observed that in many domains URL /blog/ is missing. As the blog page is present on the homepage. The absence of blog tag in the syntax of URL creates problems during analytics. Make sure that your site contains /blog/ it makes effortless result coverage.


Build user-friendly URLs

It is a sound practice to build a URL for each single blog post. But most of the marketers add full blog title to the blog URL. Full blog title in URL reduce the readability and make it long and complicated.


“Build Descriptive short and relevant blog URL”


  1. Frequently Optimized Blog Content

SEO is not a one-time effort. It changes with the change in trend thus, SEO Content Strategy it needs a continuous change in the passage of time. It is not a primary option to change the content of the website. Simply update the content on the weekly or monthly basis.

Dallas SEO Consultants suggest the following tactics for optimized blog building.

  • Insert internal links to other significant pages on the website
  • Append optimized images
  • The one post to another associated post
  • Evaluate title tags and meta descriptions to ensure targeted keywords are incorporated

Above mentioned hacks leverage the blog content.

  1. Hit upon & Plug the content Gaps

Blog building is the best way to fill the content gaps encounter on the website. Struggle to target those topics in which audience is interested.


  1. Put in optimized Videos & Images

Add a highly relevant and optimized video and images in blog posts. Images boost the customer engagement and thus, leads to call for action. Optimize the images and videos with alt tags and provide a proper description.

Blog posting efficiently adjusts the video posting as well. Add videos to blog and entertain the visitor.

  1. Mark it up

Structure data markups should be the part of your web HTML in order to provide the proper information about a page and classify the page properly. Markups also improve the page representation in search results.

  1. Capitalize on Social Media Sharing


There are following benefits of capitalizing on social media

  1. Keeps your social media sites in progress and significant.
  2. It helps keep your audience occupied.
  3. Because social signals are incorporated in the ranking algorithm, it improves SEO outcome.
  4. Social links help to augment referral traffic.




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