7 ROI-Based Brand Content Strategy Components

7 ROI-Based Brand Content Strategy Components


Is your online business is in struggle of building ROI-Based Brand?


Go through this article to get the right direction!

Contrary to the popular belief, only 21% of the marketers have achieved success in their content marketing approach.

A marketer does not pay any heed to that, do they?

They believe, if 89% of B2B marketers are using it, it must be something worth to plunge into.

After all, as they say, content marketing is easy, but if so what’s the reason behind not having tons of success stories?

So, What’s the problem exactly?

It is quite simple, design a content strategy, but the one that is ROI focused, to build an ROI-Based Brand.

DevDigs,Dallas SEO Consultants recommend to cut out your ROI-based brand content strategy into seven viable components for the business growth.

 Create Clear Content Differentiation Factor

Getting recognized is a tough march, in the midst of 1500 or more content being created on the web.

So, what do you need to do is separate your brand from all lots of them. If you do not deem it necessary, sorry mate, it’s going to be a bloody path to get your brand name recognized with a content strategy.

So breakthrough them all by establishing a Content Different Factor or other known as CDF.

CDF makes you think and question, what is unique in the content to be heard about, in your space and how to convey it in a simple way.

Keep it simple and keep focused on the benefits, it would be easy-peasy. Focus on the outcome that it will help your customers achieve, certainly not and never on features only.

Those packs have the features, it will not make you unique in any regard.

 Build a Persona Matching Audience

Successful marketers have learned it the hard way that for your content strategy to catch the attention of specific customers.

It has to be created keeping in mind the audience, in simple words create audience-centric content.

Not so successful marketers, create content and then find an audience for it.

To have an in-depth understanding of your audience, start building an audience persona.

The direction you take, while building a persona will determine either you are targeting a new or an existing audience.

Google Surveys can be helpful to get in-depth information though. Marketers can begin with asking questions in a survey that cover from a workplace to what are the hardships faced by that person?

The questions asked entirely depend on the niche being targeted.

Google Survey can be helpful to build a persona for an existing audience.

Existing customers would most likely come to these survey questions via email but make sure to encourage them by offering some sort of reward to make them engaged.

 Design Brand Style Guidelines

How is it helpful?

Brand guidelines make sure all the content writers are on the same page about factors like colors, brand name usage, style, formatting and the consistent tone of the content to be featured on the site.

It won’t help the case if you get your audience confused by publishing 4,000 words technical guide one day and 500-word article about something irrelevant.

It would do nothing but affect your ability to build a strong and loyal army of the audience over the long term.

Additionally, it helps to align the audience persona with the personality of your content.

 Generate an Initial Keyword Report

For content to become ROI-based, position your content in such a way to make it searchable by search engines.

For that, target right keywords by research on KWFinder and SEMrush tools.

Do not fall into a trap of high search numbers, focus on long tail keywords and make it relevant to the audience who is being targeted.

 Content Publishing Setup

The successful content strategy is integral to the understanding of where it is intended to be published.

Furthermore, to increase ROI, it should be published on the website and social media.

Unsure of how to determine where to publish?  ask this question to clear the fog from the minds: The platform being used, does it fit the niche? Who is my audience and do they spend time on this platform? Will I meet my content goals in here?

 Set a Budget for Content Costs

Budgeting for content marketing is just as important as for any other marketing channel.

It would be impossible to determine ROI if do not have one, and undoubtedly, lack of consistency for succeeding with content.

 Editorial Calendar is MUST

Organizations intended to maintain consistency and high ROI content strategy, creating an editorial calendar should be the first thought.

There are many tools to create an editorial calendar, such as Airtable.

In fact,Easy to use tools will make the process undaunted.

Bottom Line

It’s in your favor to make the smart decision and move forward and use these seven components to create a high ROI content strategy for business growth and brand visibility.





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