6 Basic Reasons: Why Homepage Conversions are Low?

6 Basic Reasons: Why Homepage Conversions are Low?


The main landing page for a visitor is homepage. Therefore, Homepage Conversions should take into account.

There are various critical factors that are often overlooked while designing home page.

The goal of this article is to highlight the points ignore by the marketers while setting the homepage and thus, loose potential Homepage Conversions.

Most of the visitors expect to find solutions by directly hitting homepage as it’s the website’s front door.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants share a vision on six highly unseen factors that are critical for Homepage Conversions.

Customer Research

Research ‘on people’,

It’s a homepage building block.

As it shows when you do it well.

Dream this for a moment: Your high school teacher assigns you home task and asks you to submit it in three days.

For the next two days, you stay up late and wake up early to deliver your best. You faithfully turn in your home task on the third day.


How long would it take your teacher to mark your work?

Just 5 to 10 minutes!

That’s how long it will take to make something you worked on for days.

In fact, in the world of online business 2 to 3 minutes are sufficient to mark the website.

Same is the case with your homepage.

Your homepage or landing page is like homework given to you by your potential audience.

It takes them a few seconds or minutes to mark you, before deciding to bounce or stay.

Groundwork shows on your homepage

If target audience land on your page and find that you’re not speaking their language, it shows you haven’t done your homework, and things can get revolting.

You may even leave such a bad notion that they make a point of not going back.

Now the question arise how to do homework?

There are various tools help you in doing homework according to target market.

Survey Monkey: Conduct useful Surveys

Kamply: Collect feedback from users

Get Satisfaction: Set a professional forum where customers can easily communicate about your product

IdeaScale: It allows users to suggest and vote about your products

Concision and Precision

Concision doesn’t inevitably mean copy is short.

It does imply there are no errors, and yet adequate clever recurrence to induce visitors to take an explicit action.

Chris Garrett, Chief Digital Officer at Rainmaker Digital, wrote that a landing page should be, “as long as necessary. And no longer.”

That’s Concision. As long as necessary. No longer.

Precision, on the other hand, is self descriptive enough.

Is the problem you solve for your audience transparent or clear?

When your homepage doesn’t briefly and clearly give details of your offerings, people lose attention and ultimately interest.

It’s that simple!

Another case in point is where you have show concision on your homepage, but not precision.

In case where your homepage copy is brief, but it isn’t clear how visitors will advantage from your business.

 Active voice of CTA Buttons

The Active Voice on CTA explains the function of CTA button.

It’s easy to think that all visitors appreciate what a colored CTA button means.

“Images are good, but it’s not always obvious that the image is also a call to action.”

Just because you have a colored and attractive copy button homepage doesn’t mean visitors know where the button will guide when clicked.


It is an ideal example. When visitors land on homepage “Explore Prius” button is active voice upon clicking it leads the visitor exact on Explore Prius page.


Specificity over Exaggeration

Why not exaggerate?

As overstating make visitors questioning your sincerity.

Instead, use copy that specifically communicates how you actually add value to people’s life and businesses.

Twilio homepage is a first-rate Example:

This tool is used by the developers worldwide to enhance the communication capabilities in their apps as their tagline itself explaining the purpose of their website.

“Build Software that communicate with everyone in the world”


Testimonials with Happy Expression

Testimonials are influential.

The Swedish study reveals that:

“Smile has a Huge Effect on People around you”

 Pipedrive laid stress on the fact that their customers are actually happy people. Then they put those happy, smiling faces about 40% down their homepage.

One Page, One Goal

A common concept is revolving among marketers is One page and one goal.

Most of the marketers prefer to have one potential page for the website and show several CTAs on it.

Highly specified pages secure maximum conversion rates.









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