5 Ways to simplify SEO once and For All | Local SEO Marketing and Content Marketing Tactics

5 Ways to simplify SEO once and For All | Local SEO Marketing and Content Marketing Tactics

Local SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is constantly shifting towards new trends and boosting Local SEO Marketing. Every week there is a new addition to SEO and Content Marketing tactics and secret hacks that commit excellent SEO results and rankings. There are numerous factors to consider in SEO:

  • Fix page speed
  • Get more links
  • Search suitable keywords
  • Produce better content
  • Build on page and off-page optimization

One has no sufficient time to perform all above-said tasks for website search optimization. SEO is one of the best ways to drive more consistent and relevant traffic to your site. Additionally, SEO has archly high ROI when compared with PPC marketing campaign according to research conducted by Search Engine Companies.

There are few robust ways which help you in transforming your SEO campaign in a new fashion. You need to narrow your goals and methods to just a few new tactics.

Let’s explore the 5 ways to simplify SEO once for all:

5 Ways to Simplify SEO


Set Clear and Cut Goals

All significant SEO tactics provide the desired results. It is the bit time taking to deploy all the SEO techniques simultaneously. Clear-cut goals can help you to simplify SEO and save time that would otherwise be wasted on less important tasks.

Simplified search engine productivity cycle involves following vital steps which ensure the online business success up to a remarkable extent:


  • What brand are new strategy tweaks require?
  • What are actionable tasks?
  • Ensure your action goals
  • Reset campaign goals


  • Know the site purpose
  • Achievements
  • What is a success to measure scale?
  • Who is a potential competitor?


  • List down actionable tasks
  • Analysis the task relevancy with goal
  • What key partnership require for success?
  • Prioritize high potential tasks


  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Why/Why not?
  • What next?

Focus on Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy drives inbound traffic. SEO belongs to content marketing because it is all about creating high-quality content for searcher’s convenience. It means you need tons of content for high traffic. In fact, for Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets need incredible content marketing as a top priority.

Without content marketing, it is impossible to build inbound leads. Content marketing should be first simplified SEO technique because it ensures:

  • Brand new inbound traffic
  • Keyword optimization
  • Page Speed boosting

Start composing more content pieces which simplify SEO in the easiest way possible. Content Marketing Agency should stop wasting time on useless crap activities and focus on those efforts that will boost the Return on investment (ROI).

Use Google for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the biggest-time consuming task. Google AdWord   Key Planner is an optimal tool for keyword research. However, there are numerous tools for keyword research and all are efficient. This article is about simplifying SEO in minimum time with maximum output. For that significant purpose, it is necessary to study the Google’s current trend.  Now Google is more content-oriented rather than focusing on keyword stuffing.  Google’s high-level goal is to provide incredible browsing experience to its users.

Google wants to provide search results faster than any other search engine. That is why results come in few seconds. Keywords are less automated and more based on content. Start by Google’s heading and type the basic keyword for a topic you want to cover.

Get easy backlinks by mentioning influencers

Backlinks are one of the vital factors in driving traffic from organic search. Local SEO marketing is all about boosting inbound traffic. For that specific purpose, you need to target high rank for quires in search results. High ranking for quires can be done by generating tons of high-quality links. For higher rank, you need more quality backlinks.

Backlinking should be set in an optimal spectrum it should have following constraints:

  • Linking site should have trust and authority
  • Buying links is an unhealthy practice, so never go premium
  • Don’t attempt to get link from PPC
  • Mention the potential influencers in your post
  • Exchange links

Speed up your site to eliminate issues

Website speed depends on tons of SEO factors include:

  • Time on site
  • Bounce rates
  • Visitor engagement

If the speed of your site is low, people will bounce. None of us is free to wait 20 seconds for a site to load. Instead of fixing issues like bounce rate, time on site, stay per page try to boost your page speed. Page speed is a most contributing factor in all your SEO efforts. You can utilize many tools like Test My Site. Make sure that your site speed is constantly optimized for SEO benefits.

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