5 Post Purchase E-mail Campaign Tactics worth Trying

5 Post Purchase E-mail Campaign Tactics worth Trying


Is Post Purchase E-mail Campaign worth paying?

The Answer is “YES”!

Businesses often celebrate after capturing a buyer, but what they don’t consider is making those buyers into loyalist.

Devdigs,Dallas SEO company provides recommendations to enterprise level business regarding post purchase campaigns for running a successful business.

Communication through post purchase Email campaigns plays an important role in making buyers into die hard advocates of your products.

For a successful business must realize increasing long term value of the customers through well thought Post Purchase E-mails.

There are various Email campaign tactic strategies few are listed below.


Relevant post purchase Emails

When marketing to customers through E-mails relevancy matters the most.

Customers get attracted to a brand if there is transparency in the business.

E-mail after purchase to customers should consist of the total amount, delivery of the item, contact information and all the relevant information which could be required by the customer to become a loyal customer.


What customers desire is reassurance that they have made the right purchase after purchasing the products.

Brands and businesses should focus on reassuring customers through the relevant status report or E-mail consisting of report. E-mail should have all the information which could entice the customer into staying longer and purchase the product again.



Every customer is not the same.

You should focus on catering different kinds of personas and people around the world consisting of different geographic locations, norms and cultures.

Sending the same message or E-mail to everyone, may offset some customers from buying your brand.

There are eight different buyer personas each consisting of different characteristics.

To target different kind of customer segmentation is done, which enhances your relationship with your customers making them feel relevant and of importance.

Emails or messaging customers by distinguishing festivities going around their geographic location could be an example brand could apply when targeting various kinds of customers.


Determining contents through behavior

Nowadays, as technology enhances, it has become easier for businesses to identify sales from particular customers.

Not long ago businesses used to rely sales through their assumptions and guesses.

Historical data were used as the basis of assumptions and gut feelings.

Nowadays, the amount they spend on your products, what products particular customers buy, how often do they buy, their last purchases could be determined.

For example, a business wants to target customers spending more than $2000 on their brand with exclusive promotion, they could easily target that customer with a personalized email. Customers with a potential of becoming loyal to your brand could be given offers for example 20% off. Evaluating customers’ behavior helps you target different types of customers with different offers.


E-mail frequency

You as a brand should evaluate customer behavior and their response towards your mail.

They receive countless Emails whether be it with friends and families or your competitors.

Sending a lot of Emails could make customers feel fatigued and furthermore deleting or ignoring your messages.

 Sending a lot of Emails could worsen your relationship with customers which could lead to customers unsubscribing from your mail list.

You should check the trends and variations in your engagement metrics to analyze how customers behave when receiving and after your mail has arrived them.


Keeping track of the campaign

When setting a post purchase mailing campaign you should keep in mind not to ignore or set aside this campaign while working on other issues and other business activities.

Complacency may make your campaign a failure. Tracking and running tests to optimize the campaign is essential.

 By tracking the changes in customer behavior the campaign could be adapted accordingly.

This helps you keep track of the marketing campaigns which have proven to be successful and where customers are resonating from so that you can target that campaign more effective

The Importance of Emails

Emails isn’t just about attracting customers’ pre-sale. It is also used as making customers loyal to your business. Relevancy, segmentation, tracking behavior, frequency of email and keeping track of the campaign helps you run a successful email campaign after the purchase of the product.


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