5 Best Handy SEO Practices For 2018

5 Best Handy SEO Practices For 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only the way to charge the Online-Business success. 5 Handy SEO Practices for running a robust SEO campaign in the upcoming rising year 2018. SEO is a technique, not a hard and fast algorithm. Matter of fact is that techniques change continuously with the passage of time and trend. Trend revolution brings a lot of new practices in the digital market for better SEO implementation.

In this article, we’ll discuss “5 Handy SEO Practicesfor running a robust SEO campaign in the upcoming rising year 2018.

Dallas SEO Consultants recommend deploying quick technical SEO hacks for optimized results like:

  • Accelerated Moblie Pages (AMP)
  • Schemas
  • Metadata Updates
  • Mobile Friendliness

Accelerated Moblie Pages (AMP)

One of the advance change in 2017 is the awareness of AMP. Although AMP is not deployed frequently in SEO campaign surely it’ll play a vital role, especially in mobile SEO practices. AMP is not brand new hack it emerges as one of the primary factors in SEO success.

It is expected that AMP will also provide the continuously optimized results in 2018 as well as Google Algorithms will also support AMP implementation.

Dallas SEO Consultant advice to seek AMP for running a robust and successful SEO campaign across all platforms.




Website schema is the really important factor for growing SEO. Poor website schema is unable to attract the target audience.

For Example, Most of the websites are following the same traditional search method. There are many websites which are deploying voice search mechanism for robust and quick search.

Flexible schema help in understanding the content more frequently as compared to the static schema. In 2018 schema markup technology will be on track for taking SEO to new perks.


Secure website ensures the data security. The site visitor always wants to visit the site which keeps the user data confidential.

The results of the research conducted in 2017 show that sites without HTTPs protocol, lose the top rankings from search results.

“Bottom line is that in 2018 HTTPs protocol will be an important consideration in SEO area”


Metadata Updates

Another significant technical hack help in boosting the SEO practices success that is Metadata description. Google has devised the techniques to consider long length Metadata descriptions without revisions for proper content comprehension and markups.

“In 2018 brand new Metadata descriptions will be mandatory”


Mobile Friendliness

Mobile phones are the most common mode of searching nowadays. Google has set the proper mobile index which shows that mobile usability is the key ranking factor. Mobile search issues certainly lead to rank decline.

For web designers responsive mobile website design is enough for optimized SEO. In fact, the user wants more than responsiveness. A mobile user interface, mobile Crawlability, and many more interesting features will be taken into consideration for optimized SEO practices in 2018.

Plus SEO Tactics For 2018

Dallas SEO Consultant provide the significant tactics for best results

  1. Google image processing and AI are advanced thus, it is recommended to place genuine images and videos with the proper HTML tags instead of boring stock stuff.
  2. Focus on the search console to fix any issue as site’s technical health is more important.

All the above mentioned Handy SEO tactics certainly help online businesses in generating leads and markups.

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