4 Ways Your Social Media strategy is not Good for Your SEO

4 Ways Your Social Media strategy is not Good for Your SEO

The association of SEO with Social Media strategy is strong, we can’t say that Social Media is a part and parcel of Search Engine Optimization but, still, it is a crucial component. Most of the Marketers pay attention to social media, for running a successful marketing campaign instead of SEO, the reason is simple, they don’t know how to integrate social media with SEO in an optimized manner.

Social Media Marketing plays vital in content promotion, there are many other methods with which we can also boost the organic presence on site, for that one thing we need to ensure .i.e importance of social media leverages the SEO with proper integration.

Sharing content on Social Media is not enough, in fact, it will damage your site SEO badly.

Social Media Effects on SEO

It is a common school of thought, that social media marketing isn’t helping in rank boosting, to some extent it is right but, we can’t neglect the correlation between SEO and social media strategy. According to Search  Metrics latest report, the correlation of social media goes very high on Google. The report discovered the Constant number of social signals on landing pages, this shows that top rank sites on Google have high social signals.

Let’s explore all those critical social media tactics and  that harm the SEO campaign and their optimal remedies:

You are not getting links

Backlinks are the first point where a blogger can see your post, for backlinking social media is the most flexible platform, it helps in driving social media shares and share content on high profile sites.

For social media strategy, Orbit media ties link and shows optimistic SEO results. In fact, social media is less about sharing and more about the  positive impacts you obtain from those sharings like you get 1000 shares and 999 are from low profile sites this shows poor impact

The major goal of backlinking is to place your content in front of hard to reach people, include:

  • Though leaders
  • Industry Experts
  • Top Industry sites

Now, the problem is that how to capture those people, the answer is simple, mention them in your post, mentioning outreach targets in your post content is an efficient way to drive more shares and subsequent links on social media.

You are not optimizing your profiles

Another big blunder which impact SEO campaign, is building a poor brand profile on social media strategy this can have pretty big consequences, don’t fill your content with irrelevant information, stick to the point with easy wordings.

The most crucial point here is, the proper keyword selection, profile optimization directly related to the proper research, keyword selection, The  Google’s algorithms mainly focus on keyword research so, make sure that your keyword goes with your business niche. This will help the visitor to capture you in search results within seconds, keep the same practice in social media profile set up as well, otherwise the search engine will show the entirely irrelevant results to the potential visitors.

Make sure that on all social media platforms, including, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you should have the same profile picture.

You’re not optimizing content for social shares

Writing a blog post and publishing it on site and social will not provide you shares and links as well.

SEO  and social media marketing services prefer  a “long click.”They mainly consider the terms like bounce rate and time on site it acts as a crucial factor in site optimization. Google’s entire goal is to deliver the answers to searchers’ problems as fast as possible.

Having an average time on page of 20 seconds is not optimal, but it is fine. Time on site and bounce rate are good indications of whether or not your content solved a searcher’s problem.

High ranking correlates with the bounce rate, So how does this relate to social media? Simply replace social results with Tweets or Facebook posts.

If someone is clicking on your Tweet and they don’t like or retweet it, you can rightfully assume it wasn’t top-quality content, any top quality content has a feature to drive links, shares, and impacts.

SEO  and Social media marketing engagement is basically quality and quality are equal to high ranking in search engine results.


You’re focusing too much on followers

There is an old myth in Social Media Marketing that high following rate results high ranking, The Marketers work on this simple formula that is:

High follower rate= popularity= growth

To some extent this is true,  but, not in every situation, for Google, Facebook page, and Twitter page act as the simple web page, but, follower count is not the scale of rank measurement for Google.

The simple cure of this problem, don’t just focus on the fan following, make sure that your content is captured by the right persons, utilize the tools which empower your social media process.


  • Importance of social media in SEO campaign matters
  • SEO and social media integration is essential
  • The fan count does not measure the search engine rank
  • Backlinking is essential for brand promotion

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