4 verified traditions To gripe Up Facebook Ads in 2018

4 verified traditions To gripe Up Facebook Ads in 2018


Facebook Ads have now become the most frequent tool of marketing.

Marketers considered it the most handy tactic to launch successful marketing campaigns.

There are research based estimates regarding the marketer’s inclination towards Facebook Ads for promotional campaigns:

  • Facebook controls 62% of online advertisement growth
  • 5 million companiesuse Facebook Ads to reach their potential audience
  • 93%of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly
  • To reach your target market, you need to stand out from the swarm


But, static campaign Facebook Ads are not enough for brand promotion.

For building a killing Facebook marketing campaign Devdigs, Dallas SEO Consultants recommend you to try the following handy tactics for quick and significant results.

Practice Video Advertisement

Brain storm relevant ideas for advertisement!

Utilize fresh approach that is up to the mark and according to the trend.

If you don’t know current trends of the internet market, you might be using wrong ad category that doesn’t go with your niche, time frames, and other important ad details that keep you from delivering the message to your target audience.

Simply! Study the current marketing trends and deploy in your ads.

The most popular current trend is Video marketing!

In fact, approximately 8 million videos capture by Facebook users on daily basis.

A rough estimate shows that videos boost 85% organic research rate than images or photos.


Build Ads as Targeted Strorefronts

E-commerce is at boom!

Facebook partial 52% of customers’ online and offline buying behavior in 2015.

Moreover, 31% of Internet users validate that Facebook is most likely to power purchases.

It means Facebook users are ready to appreciate more about your product and buy it if it can get to the bottom of their problems.


Thus, using storefronts is vital when it comes to market your product on Facebook

Assist your target audience get what they are searching for!

Build ads as hitting storefronts to let your customers browse your products or services and buy them!

After all, the fewer clicks it takes for a visitor to complete the purchase, the better.

Optimize Ads for Mobile Devices

80% of the world’s population are using smartphones and there are 3.5 billion internet users around the globe.

This shows that ad placement is just according the device trends.

Ads for desktops are not in trend as potential market is shifting from to desktop to handheld devices.


Thus, it is the need of hour for marketers to optimize the advertisements for mobile devices as well.

Now the question is how to optimize mobile ads?


Pick a catchy picture: a lucid and vivid picture without texts.

Don’t place/post unnecessary information: Human beings have short concentration spans, and it’s even harder to read much information on your phone. Keep text limit from 1-2 sentences.

Mobile ads are bent perfectly for mobile utilization behaviors.

Knowing what devices your potential customers use is a must when it comes to finding the best ways to promote your brand.


 Run Promotional Campaign On Instagram

Expansion of a Facebook ad campaign to instagram is an easy hit.

It’s a confirmed channel to reach more people and, therefore, get optimized results.

Use both platforms without spending extra time or effort.

In fact, 32% of all internet users are on Instagram,

So instagram is quite popular among U.S marketers as it 70% of businesses are utilizing it for promoting their products as the audience is loyal here.

65% of top-performing brand posts on Instagram feature products

If you want to run ads on Instagram, just prefer this option in the while running an advertisement campaign as it’s done below:


 Bottom Line

Facebook Ads optimization generate high ROI although, it is bit time consuming process.



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