3 Highly Effective Marketing Hacks For Business Owners

3 Highly Effective Marketing Hacks For Business Owners


Are you running an online business with Effective Marketing strategies?

If Say” NO”!

Then you land on the right page!

It’s a common phrase: “Time is an asset for every business”

Either small or large, they have to make sure every department under their wing is working up to the mark.

Organizations do not have enough time to complete each and every task.

Creating new content, speaking with clients, coming up with big ideas, landing sales, checking emails rigorously and also running marketing reports in a single day.

However, they also cannot be neglected, if the goal is to achieve new heights in the business.

So, what is the long-term and an ultimate solution to ensure business growth?

Marketing Automation is the advance practice for Effective Marketing.

How does it work?

Put tedious and time-consuming tasks on autopilot to save yourself hours every week.

You simply need to automate!

DevDigs, Dallas SEO Consultants has come up with some effective solutions as to why one needs marketing automation and how to automate and scale the small business in this economy.

Marketing Automation as a Savior

It is neither a piece of cake nor a rocket science.

It is all about automating marketing based tasks to save your time and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

A bonus!Latest data suggests, marketing automation strategies have helped marketers in achieving their objectives effectively and observed a major increase in leads as compared to before.

Marketing automation for major leads is great, but it is not all that comes with.

As the time spent on boring processes is cut out, there would be less labor, less overhead and more profit.

Don’t get it?

Well, here you go!

If there is no massive spike in leads is seen, but cutting out hours of marketing work every week with automation tools, profit is increased effectivity by reducing labor, so to put it more clearly even if the process does not really generate 10x the amount of leads, but less is spent on labor.

Organization lose sight of profit and business growth. There are many ways for a small business to achieve profit without landing more clients.

With Marketing Automation, marketing close time can be reduced by the business up to 49%, BINGO!

It means having your work done in half the time expected.

Three easy routes for the business owners to automate the growth from today.

 Automate the Content Promotion

Marketers are aware of the significance of Content Promotion for business growth.

There is no competition with top-notch content.

Marketers are also smart to know that content is not enough alone to always drive traffic, promotion on social channels is also very critical for success and business growth although needs lots of patience.

Rumor has it, marketers are obliged to spend 8-10 hours per week out on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is, of course, a huge waste of a few hours to schedule and then load that content.

Not to mention coming up with tweet ideas and then have to squeeze them into a Twitter character limit, and all the while has to find different ways to re-share it on other platforms.

It is dull and time-consuming and also does not really equate to ROI always.

With marketing automation, throwing it on the back burner is out of options. Marketers can automatically share their content from their blog with social media without any hassle.

Isn’t it one less of a headache?

Just sign up with Zapier!

An automation tool for 21st-century marketer fellows to connect thousands of different SaaS tools – that are used daily –   into one.

Thank us later, you are welcome though. Hours spent on crafting and refining social posts will be remembered as if a bygone era.

 Prioritize Important Emails

HubSpot has conducted a research and come up with the brutal reality.

Marketers spend an average of nearly four hours just sending Emails each and every week! FOUR HOURS!

That does not even include checking emails, that four hours are unintentionally reserved for typing and sending.

Laptop and Smartphone are flowing with Emails every second and if not being helpful then causing distractions from tasks.

How to solve this murderous problem?

Yes, automating the Email process by Zapier. Simply set up an automation workflow which enables to get notified if and only when specific people email.

Connect Gmail a/c to Zapier and select work Email as the inbox to stop buzzing bees from distracting your productivity.

Additionally, type in the search string so this process can be triggered.

Once all is done, you’ll get pinged on Slack whenever an important Email comes in.

 Automate The Lead Flow

It is invigorating and addictive, driving some quality traffic to the site and converted.

If not all, few of them, but this entire lead flow process can rapidly become boring, tedious and time-consuming.

All with downloading data, formatting it, uploading it into a CRM and transfer it into Email campaign platform,

Ugh! Plus, if not follow up with fast lead, there is huge risk looming overhead of losing them.

Here, is how automation becomes critical in perfecting a lead flow.

In Zapier, add new sales leads directly to a CRM or an emailing platform in effortlessly.

The Zapier is a hero of integrations they offer.

They most likely have nearly anything to get connected with them, ensuring tons of value from automating lead flows.

 Final Word

When come to think of,  running a small business is one of the toughest and roughest ventures.

But, excessive workload and chasing elusive work-life balance myth has got out plates to the full-full state to the point where nothing gets done, and they talk about proper 12 hours sleep!

The excess workload has only one solution: Automation. Give the business a shot at scaling and achieving growth by welcoming automation in business realms.

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