10 WordPress SEO Plugins DevDigs Recommendation

10 WordPress SEO Plugins  DevDigs Recommendation


Is your Business website is designed and fully incorporated with necessary WordPress SEO Plugins?

If “YES”


Congratulations! You are ready to hit the market.

Even after you have completed working on your website with proper layout, graphics and texts.

All the links and flagrant looking website have been completed, the only thing remaining for a website to attract visitors is optimal.

provides services to businesses who are looking for SEO optimization through their unique algorithms and recommends WordPress SEO Plugins for instant web SEO.

No matter how good the website looks, without SEO the website cannot attract visitors and do business.

WordPress SEO plugins are an alternative for expensive specialists and agencies.

It’s rather cheaper, but not as effective as hiring a specialist or an agency for optimization.

There are 10 SEO plugins required for any product or service selling for any E-commerce website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is the most comprehensive plugin out in the market.

It is considered as one of the best  WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast lets users neglect the hassle of coding and provides guidelines which guides through all the stages of SEO such as SEO titles, Meta descriptions and what keywords are effective for SEO.

Yoast helps with archive writing, site maps, and ping search engine.



Google XML Sitemaps

Indexed google is the foremost step when getting ranked on search engines such as google.

This plugin helps the search engine to index the website and know exactly what the site is all about.

Through this the search engine will be able to rank the site and keep you updated about your site constantly regarding any type of content.

Rel=”nofollow” checkbox

No follow checkbox plugin lets you unfollow or nofollow the websites you don’t want your websites link to be in.

The websites you think are less prestigious and may have ill publicity should not have a link of your website which may you website look bad.

Analytics by Monster Insights

After the site has been developed, monitoring the site is essential.

This lets you extract opportunities which improve the performance of your website.

This plugin allows you to measure outbound and internal link tracking, demographics and more.


Link building cannot be completed without a strategy for optimization.

Every link should have a purpose which makes your site look more trustworthy and authoritative.

This plugin lets you monitor all outgoing links, keeping you away from linking to poor quality sites.

This plugin does charge fees, but benefits precedes the costs of it. Benefits such as monitoring and cleaning, spammy links, link juice and more.


W3 total Cache

Conversion optimization after the site has been made is one of the challenges faced by E-commerce businesses.

Long load times due to content, videos, images, graphics, etc. may offset buyers to buy from your site.

This plugin suggests you how to enhance your loading speed and monitors your current loading speed.

All in one WP security & firewall

This plugin lets you secure your site.

After making a site which is both attractive and does SEO to get hacked is really unfortunate.

For this security to keep the hackers away from your site this plugin is needed.

This plugin provides your business and customers login verification, safeguards from hackers and viruses, password strength tool and user enumeration.

WPtouch mobile plugin

Advances in technology have led to businesses starting their online services on mobile friendly sites rather than desktops.

But it may prove to be expensive for a business to optimize or create the site on a mobile friendly platform through a specialist or an agency.

Even after creating the mobile friendly site it proves to be difficult and expensive for a business to constantly upgrade it.

This plugin just does that, it helps you upgrade the mobile site without you using any code and lets you not worry about plugin altering.


Yet another related posts plugin (yarpp)

This plugin allows you to how the contents of your page are displayed to the visitors and what types of articles are displayed.

Optimizing website performance could be enhanced through engaging people with your content.

This plugin does just that by making visitors stay longer on your site which increases the odds of those visitors becoming buyers.


SEO optimized images

This plugin lets you optimize images because images say a thousand words. A fully optimized image helps your site to attract more customers.

Words may not attract visitors as much as visual displays such as images.










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